Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The madness continues!

The Assads have no strategy beyond pounding away at their troubles. Opposition groups have no strategy beyond begging for international intervention/recognition. The International community has no strategy beyond watching in occasionally genuine horror and disbelief. Only the revolutionaries, peaceful and armed, seem to know what they are doing, and perhaps that suffices.

Tuesday 17, 2012

Today’s death toll:  37, mostly in Homs City where loyalist troops intensified their pounding of the restive neighborhoods of Baba Amr, Bayadah, Khaldiyeh and Qoussour.

The towns of the Madaya and Zabadani in Western Damascus continue to be pounded as well, but loyalists have failed to enter the towns and have reportedly incurred heavy casualties as result of their failed attempts.


In addition to the clips below, there were hundreds of videos of daytime and nighttime rallies that took place in all the usual places. By now the patterns have been clearly established: protest rallies are part of the daily routine throughout the country, with few exceptions, notably: Central Damascus, Central Aleppo, and coastal cities.


The madness of Assad and his loyalists continue to manifest itself in the streets and neighborhoods of Homs City where residential neighborhoods continue to be pounded around the clock.

Khaldiyeh: The neighborhood comes under heavy pounding , , A volunteer paramedic is among the killed Another martyr And another Locals took advantage of a lull in pounding to hold an impromptu funeral for 2 of their martyrs But the pounding soon resumes Locals still took to the streets at night

Bayadah: an apartment complex is targeted by RPGs A tank in action Another Impact of pounding

Baba Amr: people stand in line for bread Yesterday, loyalists opened fire on people doing the same thing in Karm Al-Zeitun leaving many dead and wounded. Indeed, today’s scene made for a tempting target for loyalist snipers , A martyr Locals still took to the streets at night

Karm Al-Zeitun comes under heavy fire

To shore up the morale of the local population, local commanders affiliated with the Free Syrian Army roam the streets of Homs While, others come together with new recruits to form a new unit

Meanwhile, the neighborhood of Bab Al-Sibaa receives a visit from AL monitors Local activist Omar Al-Tillawi talks to them



Impact of pounding on a local school Hadir the body of an unknown child lies unapproachable in the street Hamidiyeh A funeral ,


A bus was hit by an IED on the road between Aleppo City and Sarmeen , killing 8 and wounding a dozen people including passersby Locals blame the explosion on loyalist militias , ,

Ariha: 3 soldiers were executed by loyalists for refusing to take part in the crackdown

Binnish: locals await the arrival of AL monitors  ,

Khan Shaikhoon A martyr The funeral

In Jisr Ashoughour, loyalist troops break into shops observing the calls for general strike


The pounding of the town of Zabadani continues Impact of pounding , , , But while loyalists can pound the city from afar, they certainly cannot enter it: 4 tanks and 7 BMPs were destroyed over the last 5 days , , many were killed, and local defectors managed to capture few prisoners


Kisweh people give a warm welcome to AL monitors , as they chant “the people want to execute the president” Mothers of local martyrs speak to the monitors


A new fighting unit of defectors and local supporters is formed

Loyalists troops disperse a protest rally and chase after protesters through the narrow alleyways


Loyalists and tanks in Qouriyeh


Students at the University of Aleppo (College of Science) organize a sit-in and call for the execution of Assad Crackdown follows