Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monitor That!

Syrian protesters were doing a great job documenting their own suffering and dying, they really did not need help doing that. What they need is international protection, and the AL monitors are not providing it statements by AL Secretary General notwithstanding.

Monday 2, 2012

Today’s death toll: 15. The Breakdown: 7 in Homs City including a 10-year old girl and a soldier who tried to defect, 3 in Jabal Al-Zawiyeh in Idlib Province, and 3 in Rural Damascus.

Local defectors in Jabal Al-Zawiyeh region in Idlib Province conducted a major operation that led to the capture of 2 checkpoints previously manned by Assad loyalists, in a move that led to the killing and imprisonment of dozens of loyalist troops. A third checkpoint was also attacked but not captured. The move comes following weeks of massacres perpetrated by loyalists, including random shelling of residential communities and summary mass executions of residents.

The General Strike continues to be observed by protest communities throughout the country.


This is how many Syrian protesters and dissidents see the Syrian National Council and National Coordination Body: the two opposition coalitions are simply caught in a race for the office and power. This harsh judgment was mostly reserved for NCB, but now, and thanks to continuing missteps, the SNC finds itself in the same boat. It may not too late for SNC leaders to work to counter this growing perception, but they simply don’t have much time.

Today’s rallies were dedicated to activist Anas Al-Shughri from the coastal town of Banyas, who is  currently languishing in Assad’s jails with rumors swirling that he is scheduled for execution.


Baba Amr: pro-Assad militias tour the neighborhood as AL monitors look on http://youtu.be/O50YYLroVZc A new martyr - a victim of torture http://youtu.be/s0iHpA9QO2E Another one being filmed by the AL monitor on site http://youtu.be/-qfgskcwPa8 Khalid Abou Salah explains that the body has been in a freezer under control of loyalist military troops for months, and that only the presence of AL monitors helped free the body so it can be buried. The martyr, Khalid explains, was obviously tortured to death, he shows them the signs of torture, and explains how doctors had tried to save him by stapling his wounds with regular staples http://youtu.be/x-hTGK6mjhg More locals explain about loyalist harassment http://youtu.be/RUG9tNYNjv0 Khalid organizes a rally for the benefit of the monitors so they can see that the rallies are organized and attended by unarmed protesters, and says http://youtu.be/grzRf2gqmKU He also says that delegated have met with members of the Free Syrian Army and saw for themselves that they were real defectors not armed locals.

Here, Khalid shows three brothers that have recently been released and explains that the 4th was killed by loyalist security forces and that the AL monitors are now witnesses to this crime http://youtu.be/FH4a3B7XanI , http://youtu.be/SzSfB02aa8w

Later, locals hold a funeral for one of the martyrs http://youtu.be/j__67v1_N6w , http://youtu.be/_Pfv0l5pYfQ

Insha’aat a body lying next to an ambulance in the street http://youtu.be/55-72Py3jsg , http://youtu.be/NlIkiywNzQw Armored vehicles taking up positions not too far http://youtu.be/HgeFEdGtAkk

People rally in Wa’er in anticipation of the arrival of the AL delegation http://youtu.be/htF_VskpbEc , http://youtu.be/1YUT1a_-leo In Bab Houd as well http://youtu.be/peXWNWVQtR8 The neighborhood of Midan comes under fire http://youtu.be/e7v8yUweEaE

In Bab Dreib, monitors, locals and tanks http://youtu.be/vzIm6x_fG3M In Wadi Arab, a funeral was held http://youtu.be/1a7nj38sQuw

Somewhere in the city, defectors affiliated with the FSA release a video calling on their comrades in the regular to join them http://youtu.be/8p096YeeOYI

HOMS PROVINCE: Rather than taking them directly to pay a visit to the city of Rastan itself, authorities escort AL monitors on a tour of the local cement factory and the surrounding community http://youtu.be/q8htp8GWB34 Still locals come out to see the monitors, and a local woman tell them about the occupation of their town. Finally, the monitors arrive in Rastan and were received by thousands of people, with snipers looking on from their positions http://youtu.be/-0rUTUDlFL0 Locals take advantage of the delegates presence to reclaim Freedom Square http://youtu.be/IY55We0Ou5U , http://youtu.be/TZF3kEf8PL4

In Teer Ma’allah, locals find a body of an unknown man dumped in the Orontes River http://youtu.be/_hOAKP1pEw0 In Talkalakh, locals hold a funeral http://youtu.be/kKBa1ChZ_hE for an activist http://youtu.be/sfdMhwfEDlQ In Qseir, locals hold a funeral for a fallen activist http://youtu.be/twfT20buheY Tadmor http://youtu.be/20mSJxsAdQQ

HAMA CITY: Hamidiyeh local residents come out in droves to receive visiting AL monitors. Local activist Abou Omar Al-Hamwi tries to convince the monitors to pay a visit to a local mosque that was shelled by loyalists http://youtu.be/M_hPaxGOu5w And voila, the delegation does accompany him to the place http://youtu.be/lZ7qYQRffsY Back in the neighborhood, AL monitors come under fire from a sniper (26 second into the clip) http://youtu.be/w17ptdjiD7g This leaves a martyr http://youtu.be/4G0Y6Ss7kns But some people manage to talk to the monitors http://youtu.be/58WZbNKmbCc

At night, the locals take to the streets http://youtu.be/w5nlDv-1Mtc Also in Aleppo Road http://youtu.be/_T-VPUy0peY , http://youtu.be/qln0MEa-_5g Frayeh http://youtu.be/dxnIMNppGJ8

IDLIB: Idlib City AL monitors pay a visit to the injured in a local hospital http://youtu.be/XdlbB_8NAL0 they also pay a visit to Kafar Takhareem http://youtu.be/UrnIAM8yOPo Where the people who receive them come under fire even with the car carrying the delegates driving in their midst http://youtu.be/GNcAOBajeh0

A martyr from Ariha http://youtu.be/k_DzxyLM2Bo Saraqib, a funeral for a local activist http://youtu.be/8Khwgct1i5Y Jabal Al-Zawiyeh this house was pounded by loyalists http://youtu.be/5s8Ezx-jbjw Sarmeen http://youtu.be/zAppaeZr02M

DAMASCUS CITY: Protesters organize a nighttime rally in Shahbandar Square in Central Damascus http://youtu.be/wAR02VjTadQ , http://youtu.be/wks6lsyt3Eo Protesters in Moadamiyah hoist the Independence Flag http://youtu.be/hcvCUmTbY5Q then they organize a small rally demanding release of all detainees http://youtu.be/Ud8-l6eKPBo And at dawn, they come back to the streets again http://youtu.be/42Dexz-Mkd8

Rallies Qadam http://youtu.be/cZnOByPgrTc Midan Daytime http://youtu.be/pUvx7gAVX2E Nighttime “Ghalioun, Manna, the Syrian blood is not for sale” http://youtu.be/Gxrw8x7B2rs  Barzeh Sign “Ghalioun: you lied to us. Manna: you’re a hypocrite. Al-Arabi: our blood on your hand. Al-Dabi: your bigger liar than Addounia TV” http://youtu.be/ag7zTcZgWk8 , http://youtu.be/fD5rkIjhEeE

In response to yesterday’s crackdown, thousands of Darayans take out to the streets http://youtu.be/YSrtLSCzvdo People were also readying to receive members of the AL monitoring delegation http://youtu.be/vyGJqdRMzOU , http://youtu.be/OW7QEvX02rc , http://youtu.be/y8Tn9kR0wT4 , http://youtu.be/YshjEZWTm20 People talk to the monitors http://youtu.be/fL4A911qpfU , http://youtu.be/B-c_968OhHk At dusk, loyalist militias storm in and begin firing at protesters http://youtu.be/yc_En5VfpbM At night, locals hold a funeral http://youtu.be/UxhTU8Pdkqw

In the morning, protesters take the revolutionary oath in Midan http://youtu.be/vZBD_8hooFs While people in Kafar Sousseh organize a rally http://youtu.be/UxhTU8Pdkqw Qaboun http://youtu.be/n7or_iWiG8Q Jobar http://youtu.be/BA-uAhq7ylQ Assaly http://youtu.be/z4SVQkxSDSE

DAMASCUS – SOUTH: Rallies Qatana http://youtu.be/-sX9HTiYwu8

DAMASCUS – WEST: Madaya http://youtu.be/53BcNKAZla0 Zabadani http://youtu.be/zsELJ9DeTTY

DAMASCUS – NORTH: Rallies Ruhaibeh http://youtu.be/aKCZV2iHuqY Yabroud http://youtu.be/moQ5oTTxoUM Dmeir http://youtu.be/pW7VgWFzHB8 Rankous Sign “Ghalioun has expired!” http://youtu.be/N6saVRFlVxc

DERAA CITY: Al-Balad People come out to receive the AL delegation and to pay a visit to the Omari Mosque after months of being shut out by loyalist troops http://youtu.be/WNv9VznECwo , http://youtu.be/Ws6GPvZhQTM One of the monitors conduct a little public diplomacy with a local baby http://youtu.be/g6sAhW0SQNo But protesters were not allowed to reach Al-Omari Mosque http://youtu.be/8xGcRnjNg5Y Still, some locals managed to meet with the delegates, including the wife of a martyr who recounted stories of the mass graves that were uncovered after the invasion of the city by loyalist troops http://youtu.be/d25Pa1PQiZE

Al-Sabeel Neighborhood comes under fire at night http://youtu.be/Uqhnv3uciH4 But in Mahata locals organize a rally http://youtu.be/u16nm3hzmus

DERAA/HAURAN PROVINCE: Harrah the sounds of a nighttime battle between defectors affiliated with the Free Syrian Army and loyalist troops http://youtu.be/-fC-iYvRd7E , http://youtu.be/P4v5fueAUaE , http://youtu.be/70iOxLc6NXE Earlier in the day, loyalist security forces filled the streets and intimidated locals http://youtu.be/s1oSarWQeXw The town of Jassem comes under fire at night http://youtu.be/dPYy_-5R-4U

In Ankhel, locals hold a rally thanking the head of the Arab parliament for his supportive stance of the revolution in Syria, while lifting yellow cards as warning to SNC leaders http://youtu.be/C64avladDWM Elsewhere in town, few brave protesters try to encourage loyalist troops to defect http://youtu.be/FBDGy5ZuqVk

ALEPPO: Aleppo City students at Aleppo University organize another rally http://youtu.be/tamrTpiK4Qg At night, locals from Maysir Neighborhood organize a small rally http://youtu.be/7jXH5oCsy74 and in Sakhour http://youtu.be/fhKDIUDeziM

In the town of Hreitan, a new martyr http://youtu.be/FRUc9Pg4EaU

HASSAKEH: Rallies Dirbassiyeh http://youtu.be/HiaGxrSB340

DEIR EZZOR: Deir Ezzor City (Jbeileh Neighborhood) http://youtu.be/xPCCxbdAOlI Qouriyeh http://youtu.be/CWXSfVuItxw Jarthi http://youtu.be/3yQhs9QDQdk