Saturday, January 14, 2012

Neither Bullets Nor Snow!

Slowly but surely, the protest movement is gaining ground and the Assads are losing it, their only option right now is to plunge the country into chaos as a final act of revenge. With a measured international support, the protesters can defeat their designs.

Friday 13, 2012 - This Friday, and the remaining week is dedicated to showing support to the Free Syrian Army.

Today’s death toll: 26. The breakdown: 16 protesters (in Idlib, Deir Ezzor, Homs, Aleppo and Rural Damascus) and 10 defectors who fell in the town of Saraqib in the Idlib Province.

Loyalist troops stormed the towns of Zabadani and Madaya in Western Damascus and were pushed back by local units of the Free Syrian Army. The towns remain under siege, and communications with them remain severed. No word yet on casualties.

Today’s rallies took place under freezing conditions in most protest communities, and under snowy conditions in others.


Kafrenbelisms: (Kafrenbel, Idlib Province, Jan 13, 2012)

Today’s rallies adopted the following slogan “The People want support to the Free Syrian Army”, because… (Taybat Al-Imam, Hama Province, jan 13, 2012)


The mounds of garbage filling up the streets of protest neighborhood in Homs City grew ever so high. Authorities have long stopped their garbage pickup services as part of their collective punishment measures against these neighborhoods, and the locals cannot do the work themselves as the myriad checkpoint and snipers prevent them from doing it. Malnutrition, the cold weather and the lack of heating and power all combine now to make disease a danger even more deadly than that posed by snipers and tank shells. But the fog of war and heat of battle blind all to all.  The focus now is on the ongoing attempt by loyalist troops to penetrate into the heard of protest neighborhoods in Homs City: Bab Al-Sibaa, Khaldiyeh, Baba Amr, Bab Dreib, Jouret Al-Shayah, Bab Houd, Karm Al-Zeitun, and all constituent alleyways and streets. The Assads have been trying to do that since August 2011. Their current plan calls for simultaneous multipronged assault, and it seems to have gone into the implementation phase.

In Homs City, an attack by loyalist troops on Wadi Al-Sayeh (part of Khaldiyeh neighborhood) , was met with active resistance from local defectors affiliated with the FSA who destroyed a BMP in the process , Evacuating the wounded

Khaldiyeh: On Jan 12, the neighborhood came under intense fire , that lasted through the night The loyalist were trying to dislodge protesters but they failed, as their attack was repelled by local defectors. An impromptu funeral was held at dawn for one of the fallen a sniper’s niche Later, people rallied in support of the Free Syrian Army Later still, loyalists resume their pounding

Bab Dreib: Rescuing the wounded who fell as result of this pounding But protesters from he neighborhood managed to find an isolated and sheltered corner where they could rally

Bab Tadmor: snipers in action In Bab Al-Sibaa a sniper injures a young man who was on his way back home following the mid-day rally

Al-Rifai Neighborhood comes under fire So did Mreijeh and Bab Al-Sibaa , and Jouret Al-Shayah In Karm Al-Zeitun, a tank in action

At night of January 13, Bab Houd comes under intensive fire as loyalist troops keep searching for weak points that can allow them to penetrate into the heart of protest neighborhoods in the city

A leaked video shows a rally staged by political prisoners in Homs Central Prison during a visit by AL monitors on Jan 4


General Mouaffac Abdulkareem Hamzeh declares his defection during a rally in Qseir

Defectors from FSA unit located in Rastan declare that they have prevented a crackdown by loyalists on today’s demonstrations, killing many of them 


The recent appearance of Assad in a small loyalist rally in Omayad Square has caused controversy. While Syrian TV showed clips of Assad, his wife and children, there are those who insist that Assad was on his own there and that he soon slipped by himself through the bushes under heavy security. There is no way to confirm any of this. But what’s important is the fact that Assad’s attempt at showing strength and confidence seems to have backfired. If anything, his recent appearances came as a shot in the arm for the protesters. The Assads are not just losing control of Rural Damascus, they are losing control of Damascus itself.

The rally was indeed a small affair, and here we can see Assad slipping out between the trees on his own surrounded by his body guards

The loyalist Addounia TV is always on site to film the rallies, but ever to show them (Qaboun)

Heavy security presence prevents planned rallies in Nahr Eisheh But not at night

Protesters in Old Mazzeh , , come under attack from loyalist militias armed with clubs and machineguns

Nighttime Qaboun , Barzeh Jobar Heavy security presence prevented rallies in the daytime , but locals of Hajar Al-Aswad came out at night



Loyalists patrol the town of Qatana to prevent anti-Assad rallies  Zakieh Kanaker Mleihah Hteitet Al-Turkman Jdeidet Artouz , , In Kisweh, heavy security presence prevented planned rallies, so some rallied at home


Martyrs from Dmeir



A survey of the land indicates that the Assads authority in this restive province does not extend far beyond the shadows of their tanks and armored vehicles. There is hardly any loyalist or supporters to speak of beyond the troops themselves. With little material support, Idlib’s rebels can neutralize Assads’ loyalists and take over the entire region, and except for the possibility of air-strikes, they can hold it against any ground offensive.

In Idlib City, the AL monitors observe the major rally taking place , and from another rooftop, a sniper


Protesters come under attack from loyalists in Qoussour Neighborhood , Loyalists also wait for protesters outside Al-Hadi Mosque  



Al-Sabeel loyalists and riot vehicles take part in the crackdown In Qoussour protesters face up to loyalist troops as the later hunt them down , , ,


Reinforcements come into Ankhel , Loyalists tried to disrupt planned rallies in Sanamein as well But they failed

In Harrah as many other communities across the country, locals protested as it snowed

At night, Basr Al-Harir comes under heavy fire


Students in the University of Aleppo stage a rally in near their dormitories , , , It doesn’t take long before loyalists move in to disperse the rallies Security raid on dormitories take place at night to stop another rally

Leaked video: Elsewhere in the City, and as AL monitors paid a visit to the central prison on January 9, political prisoners staged a small rally demanding an end to Assad’s regime ,