Monday, January 2, 2012

No Rest for the Weary!

The New Year begins with more protests, and more crackdowns, including the killing of a child.

Sunday 1, 2012

Today’s death toll: 10. The Breakdown: 4 in the town of Qseir in Homs Province, 1 in the town of Kafrenbel, 1 (a child) in the town of Khattab in Hama Province. The child was killed in the early hours of 2012 and is believed to be the first fatality of the new year.

315 protesters including 24 children have been killed since the beginning of the Arab League mission in Syria on December 26.

The General Strike continues to be observed by protest communities throughout the country.

As Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian dissident, put it to me: "In the fight of tanks against bare chests, the odds are not exactly even and bravery can only get you so far." The Syrian incarnation of the "Arab Street" we used to hear so much about now wants Nato planes in the skies.
“This is giving the Syrian regime an Arab cover for continuing its inhumane actions under the eyes and ears of the Arab League.”

 In addition to above warning to the Syrian opposition not to go below the demands of the revolutionaries, because “we made you and we can cancel you,”  the inhabitants of Kafrenbel carry signs calling for “an urgent foreign military intervention,” “intervention from Outer Space,” and “construction of 5-star hotel to attract the Arab monitors”

Showing support to the Damascene suburb of Daraya who came under attack today, and denouncing the agreement between the Syrian National Council and the National Coordination Body as well as the NCB itself were the main themes of today’s rallies.  Meanwhile, the town of Khattab in Hama Province, offers the first martyr of 2012, a child

HOMS CITY: Two activists who were transporting milk to the children of Homs City were executed in cold blood by loyalist security forces

No voice echoes louder in the streets of Homs City today than that of soccer player and activist, Abdelbassit Sarout. People like Sarout may not be the future political leaders of Syria, but they are and will be definitely the king-makers. They have their finger on the popular pulse and so far their words and utterances reflect popular will. Some will inevitably be “corrupted” by greater involvement in the political process, but many will hopefully rise above the fray to keep the political process going in the right direction: that of greater transparency and accountability. So far, Sarout is doing a great job retaining his composure and his modesty, and remaining true to who he is.

This video from December 31 Rally in Khalidyeh is revealing, it shows SNC President Burhan Ghalioun addressing the throngs, when Sarout makes his Jesus-like entrance to lead them in chanting: “Burhan Ghalioun, can’t you hear? The people want a no-fly zone.” Later in the evening, and as midnight approaches, Sarout leads the crowd in singing celebrating te arrival of the New Year by wishing Bashar Assad a “dark year” and the revolutionaries a “white year,” and by cursing Hafiz’s soul

Bayadah offers a martyr and Wadi Al-Arab another Actress-Activist Fadwa Sulaiman distributes gifts to the children of Wadi Arab

Bab Al-Sibaa: Local activist Omar Tillawi address AL monitors and take them to task for failing to visit certain key locations around the city Here Tillawi explains that the monitors failed to accurately document the situation in the neighborhood and meets with local residents to ask them their opinion about the AL and its mission. Naturally, no one thinks highly of AL

Bab Al-Sibaa protesters light up firewood for warmth Then they turn their attention to their rally

Rallies Baba Amr “Burhan Ghalioun, can’t you hear? The people want a no-fly zone” Qoussour Karm Al-Zeitun , Bab Houd Bab Tadmor

More videos of December 31 visit to Deir Baalbah: the arrival Protesters come under fire before the visit and after

HAMA CITY: a martyr

HAMA PROVINCE:  Shortly after midnight, the town of Khattab comes under heavy pounding leaving 1 child dead who is believed to be the first martyr of 2012 The martyr The funeral

DAMASCUS CITY: Protesters in the suburb of Daraya in the rural areas to the south of Damascus comes under fire , as the homsification of the restive areas in Damascus (the city, the suburbs and the rural areas) continues Still the locals managed to hoist the independence flag as a sign of defiance as they changed “Oh people of Damascus, here in Daraya, the regime has fallen” , Regime loyalist troops showed them that physically at least, the Darayans still had a way to go before they achieved their goal The protesters were unfazed There were martyrs A chopper overflies the scene  

Led by their womenfolk, the people of Moadamiyah come out in the thousands to receive the AL monitors. The demanded the release of all detainees, the ouster of Assad and saluted the Free Syrian Army They also carried pictures of some of their martyrs Some chanted calling for the execution of Assad , Others show their wounds A woman talks to an AL monitor and pleads for the freedom of detainees Locals, including children, explain their experience in detention Locals tell the monitors about the bus blown up by loyalists near the entrance of their suburb and blamed on them in order to justify an earlier incursion into the restive suburb Later, locals took back to the streets to show their support of the people in Daraya Some locals offer to host some monitors in their homes so they can see with their own eyes what happens after they leave

In another interview, far the hubbub of the protesting masses, former detainees describe their experience to the monitors ,

Meanwhile, Syrian TV showed interviews with what it claimed are locals from the neighborhood. Naturally, none of them were, they often failed to get the correct accent, and the interviews themselves were not made in the neighborhood. One of the outrageous claims of Syrian officials on government TV stations is that the rallies shown on YouTube and satellite networks are staged somewhere in the U.S. in reality, staging fake rallies, interviews and terrorist attacks is part-and-parcel of their own modus operandi, and modus vivendi

Nighttime Rallies Qaboun Barzeh Al-Hajar Al-Aswad A nighttime funeral-cum-rally. Protesters demand a visit by AL monitors , Midan Zahirah Jobar

DAMASCUS – NORTH: Rallies in Qarrah Yabroud Eltal an all-women rally


IDLIB: A banner at the city’s entrance announces that the entire town of Saraqib is closed until the regime is toppled A daytime rally , A nighttime rally

DERAA CITY: People claim that this was a car bomb No one was reported hurt. Rallies Al-Sabeel

DERAA/HAURAN PROVINCE: Protesters in Harrah come under fire One of the wounded

ALEPPO: Aleppo City In an attempt to terrorize the local population, loyalists laid out a series of coffins on the highway leading into the City In the evening, a protest rally in Marjeh , comes under fire and tear gas as protesters clash with loyalist security forces ,

DEIR EZZOR: Qouriyeh