Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Odds & Ends!

Assad is scheduled to speak out in a few hours, we should expect nothing substantive. He will be mainly addressing his crowd, trying to reconnect in an attempt to buy few more weeks/months in power.

Monday 9, 2012

Today’s death toll: 22, including 2 women, a child, 3 defectors and 9 who died under torture.

At the conclusion of its meeting in Istanbul, SNC General Secretariat extended the current term of its leader, Burhan Ghalioun, by one month. The official 3-month term ended in December, and was expected to be renewed. But Mr. Ghalioun’s came under much criticism all through his term both within the ranks of the SNC and the larger circles of the opposition. The extension is meant to buy time until a new electoral method is agreed. Meanwhile, the SNC criticized the recent report by the Arab League on the situation in Syria, and called for referring the matter to the UNSC. Discussions on transitional planning seems to have faltered as well, or so EuroNews Reports http://youtu.be/EvhvQtPP5aQ

"The structure which has now emerged, is heading to a religious, sectarian and a racist civil war. This has to be prevented," Mr. Erdogan said. "Turkey has to make its priority to take a role here. Because a civil war, which can emerge here, would also put us in distress. It also poses a threat for us." "I believe that the Syrian administration has by now killed close 7,000 of its citizens," he added.
The Arab League's monitoring mission in Syria has been a miserable failure, and no international white knight is waiting in the wings. Syrians are on their own.

Video Highlights

iPhone’s Siri made to cooperate with security services in Syria http://youtu.be/a4g4wq0FyWU

This video clip shows opposition figure and former MP Mamoun Al-Homsy storming into the press conference that followed the recent Arab League conference on Syria http://youtu.be/9Db8qpxFJ5Y He denounced all Arab leaders as traitors, including Qatari PM, and Nabil Al-Arabi as an Iranian agent, he also denounced Al-Jazeerah, the SNC and the Syrian opposition in general, called for arming the rebels and said that more than 50,000 have been killed. In pro-regime sites, Mr. Al-Homsy was also accused of denouncing Shia and Alawites in this triad of his, indeed he had done so before, but, if he had done so here, the statements seem to have been edited out. The clip indeed was produced by Mr. Al-Homsy’s own team.

Be that as it may, Mr. Al-Homsy’s attempts at playing the populist leader over the last few months don’t seem to have endeared him much to the protesters on the ground. No revolutionary group inside or outside Syria has so far endorsed him. The sectarian sentiments he sometimes expresses may not be uncommon, but the lack of popular endorsement of such sentiments underscore the ability of protest leaders on the ground to keep things in check, and that’s very admirable considering all the violence that has taken place over the last 9 months, and augurs well for the future.  


In Karm Al-Zeitun, the pounding was renewed and the activist filming he clips is hit http://youtu.be/EuKNmwjeVAU Elsewhere in the neighborhood, loyalists target this little truck that dared try to bring food to the locals http://youtu.be/C99o6sJ6Id4 The impact of pounding http://youtu.be/4Snh_stuKTY

In Jub Al-Jandali, tanks enter and begin firing at the residential neighborhood http://youtu.be/CtHU0np0L-g

In Bab Dreib, defectors fight back, but they could only do it for a few seconds, due to lack of ammunition http://youtu.be/2OCoWah39Us Still, it is this kind of sporadic activities that have been keeping loyalists at bay and unable to reestablish control over the restive city for the last few weeks.

In Khaldiyeh, protesters come to receive a car transporting AL monitors chanting “Nabil Al-Arabi is a Traitor” and “the people want international protection” http://youtu.be/Q0p7nrPLipM , http://youtu.be/PxoThY5Jbc0 They soon came under fire http://youtu.be/JW5bs8SJVTw This is the checkpoint responsible for firing http://youtu.be/08Gcu40TNGw Protesters try to stop the car carrying monitors as it came out of one alleyway, as all come under gunfire http://youtu.be/IbA0mbPCWxg Protesters remain defiant http://youtu.be/a-mgDhC-gFE but the goal is accomplished, to keep the protesters within the neighborhood, and keep protests from different parts of the city from converging on the Old Clock-Tower Square. To accomplish this, checkpoints and armed pro-Assad gangs are used http://youtu.be/2CYoZmzapqw

In Deir Baalbah a funeral for 2 local activists http://youtu.be/BLMwF9GaK6U In Al-Rifai Street (Karm Al-Zeitun), another man takes his last breaths on Camera after being shot in the hettp://youtu.be/SVE4wnH1w6U Another http://youtu.be/fsJJGwP4e6Y Another falls in 60th Street http://youtu.be/dlwWXUo0JXU

In Al-Rifai, and despite the presence of loyalist snipers, children stage their own ally http://youtu.be/i8CJVi4bRLM

An all women rally in Wa’er http://youtu.be/4d38B6o4mmk in Insha’aat http://youtu.be/MHJ-_KQU-lo in Deir Baalbah http://youtu.be/E9ujLyl3PZw

Elsewhere in the city, local activists deliver documents and CDs with files detailing the crimes of the regime and lists of the names of the martyrs and the detainees http://youtu.be/5vLh1dSeUvY , http://youtu.be/7P37XrbLEas An activist tell the monitors that all detainees were transported to military camps where they are not allowed access. Over 3,500 detainees her says are in the camp of Zeidal (a missile site) http://youtu.be/jnUhIu5qk6s


Defectors and local supporters announce the formation of a new Special Operations Unit, led by Lieutenant Arwad Al-Aksah, charged with spearheading the resistance against Assad and his loyalists, which they claim include members from Hezbollah and Iraq’s Mahdi Army. They also call on opposition outside the country to form a special political group dedicated to supporting the Free Syrian Army http://youtu.be/Gqx1wVa7ITw


Nighttime Rally in Hamidiyeh http://youtu.be/9XY6R-3GXWU Comes under fire http://youtu.be/8YiTC4bD81I , http://youtu.be/gwZk5SBZvqA , http://youtu.be/A52D62S1U54 Locals respond with cries of Allahu Akbar http://youtu.be/hEQplXus_tw

Nighttime Rally in Aleppo Road http://youtu.be/4J2YI_Tb4bc faces similar fate http://youtu.be/cCC5sEliZ7U This continues on and off all through the night http://youtu.be/pHd19Iv6530

Earlier in the night, there were rallies in Sheikh Anbar http://youtu.be/_2v2Dx9K8qU Eleilaat http://youtu.be/dnT5SOpTmCM Frayeh http://youtu.be/qXUS6Xx6Wuw



Student rallies in Daraya continue, with school girls leading the way http://youtu.be/vaxw8_oSr10 But they are soon joined by the boys http://youtu.be/IGQ2OKrOb9E

Loyalists patrol the town of Moadamiyah http://youtu.be/2Vn38TIOZvY



Student rallies in Douma http://youtu.be/rwF_ti3WTRc Saqba http://youtu.be/aUiE9H8Dw7k To prevent similar development in Harasta, loyalists are stationed near local schools http://youtu.be/2u7nZmao_To Elsewhere in Douma, adults hold a funeral for 2 fallen activists http://youtu.be/oudQevibTLs , http://youtu.be/Jd9G5wP8JyQ , http://youtu.be/GMl7JpfY-kI  “Doumani is not afraid of dearth” http://youtu.be/tfW5AeSc178

In nearby Hamouriyeh, local women vow not to forget the blood of their martyrs http://youtu.be/I7W-Du2WKoM



Loyalist troops storm into the town of Madaya http://youtu.be/w0nLLeeH08M People still come out at night http://youtu.be/r27JyB6P-KI

Zabadani impact of overnight pounding http://youtu.be/zna17DUP_CI The martyrs http://youtu.be/NZI0YYgwVT4 , http://youtu.be/NJJF9kprPcM The funeral http://youtu.be/jAJN7ffflcY As usual local women take part in the funeral http://youtu.be/IfzTw-7tiLk , http://youtu.be/O6xAIfBPq7c And at night, locals organize a rally http://youtu.be/4O9-HpAMo5s

In Qudsaya, monitors attend a funeral for a fallen activist and are received with anger and accusations of reason http://youtu.be/yDRTwz89Eh0

In Hameh, locals remove Assad’s name carved into the arch marking the town’s entrance http://youtu.be/dbvDz8jiUqg

A nighttime children demonstration in Wadi Barada http://youtu.be/YYUeYLf_JDY


In Kafroumah, the mother of two local martyrs addresses the crowd, mostly made up of mothers and children of local martyrs, urging them to stay the course http://youtu.be/JVDjVYMyIT4 Meanwhile, loyalist troops pull their tanks and armored vehicles out of the city and hide them in the nearby hills in preparation for a visit by AL monitors http://youtu.be/0JWNdCFm6jQ

In Jabal Al-Zawiyeh, and as monitors tour one part of the city, the locals confront loyalist troops saying “the Syrian [regular] army is a traitor” http://youtu.be/Y8bN5Oe8RSU In Mar Ayan, monitors speak to the mothers of local martyrs http://youtu.be/xPyczfDcRP0


Just passing through, AL monitors in Deraa Al-Balad http://youtu.be/u3hiWMc9Kw8 Assad security surround car of AL monitors preventing contact with locals http://youtu.be/0hz-Nm6X-78


Da’el sounds of nighttime clashes between loyalists and defectors http://youtu.be/mP9s1BsDVEU , http://youtu.be/KBA-NCMmCT0


Deir Ezzor City: nighttime rally in Jbeileh neighborhood http://youtu.be/NAiHeEPAfug

Qourieyh Loyalists make daily foray into town http://youtu.be/wmu09UbHY94 later they proceed to hide their equipment http://youtu.be/AD_9HwNaAio in construction areas http://youtu.be/4QxeUwtzvy0 in case AL monitors drop by.

Rallies Tayaneh http://youtu.be/wA1QbxRnjac


Hassakeh City: a small early dawn rally in Kallasseh Neighborhood http://youtu.be/wvsNw_3J2wM  The move might be small, but is significant, Hassaek City is one of the few remaining loyalist communities of any significance in the Northeast http://youtu.be/e_kwch8JAg8



Arab League monitors arrive in Lattakia City and are received by loyalists for change, but they are equally angry http://youtu.be/bamLc7LnRck , http://youtu.be/8a-Kylflo7M