Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Thick Red Line!

The Assads assert their authority in one place only to lose it in another. Their mad tactics in Homs City reflect desperation and lack of vision rather than confidence and a plan. Even if they succeeded in crushing the rebellion in Homs, which they won’t, that is unlikely to intimidate the revolutionaries. On the contrary, they will probably get more enraged and more committed to the cause. There are massacres being perpetrated by Assad loyalists every day, but while the world is at loss as to what to do about them, the revolutionaries are not. They’re fighting on and all they need is little material and logistical support.  

Tuesday 24, 2012 – Today was dedicated to showing appreciate to the free media covering the revolution.

Today’s death toll: 64, including 39 in Homs City and 5 in Hama City.

In addition to the pounding of the old town in Homs City and different neighborhoods in Hama City by loyalist troops, clashes between loyalists and defectors were reported in Qseir (Hama Province), Douma (Rural Damascus), Hilfaya and Madeeq (Hama), Jassem (Deraa/Hauran), Idlib City and Barrah (Idlib Province)



Naïve or not, but Putin, Medvedev and Lavrov, among top Russian officials involved in approving the arms sale to the Assad regime, should be referred to the ICC for aiding and abetting in the commission of crimes against humanity. The evidence against them is clear and includes their own defiant statements in this regard.

State of the Union

“And in Syria, I have no doubt that the Assad regime will soon discover that the forces of change can't be reversed, and that human dignity can't be denied.”

For all the violence taking place in Syria all the stakes involved for the U.S. and the region that was the only mention Syria got in President’s Obama’s address. Lacking substance, statements like “We will stand against violence and intimidation. We will stand for the rights and dignity of all human beings -- men and women; Christians, Muslims, and Jews” rang hollow. While assertions such as “The renewal of American leadership can be felt across the globe” sounded well-nigh laughable. In Syria, for instance, it’s the total absence of this leadership that is being felt. (The full speech)

Kafrenbelisms: “My brother and I stand against my cousin, my cousin and I stand against the stranger, the stranger and I stand against the House of Assad” – Kafrenbel, Idlib Province / January 24, 2012

Homs City

These leaked videos show the reinforcement that came to bolster loyalist troops taking part in the pounding of Homs City: ,

Jub Al-Jandali: Local activist Omar Tillawi takes us on a tour of the neighborhood after it was pounded Locals are forced to use wood for heat A house is directly hit by a tank shell  And again A Martyr Impact of pounding on residential buildings Treating a wounded child A Martyr

Omar than goes to the neighborhood of Bab Dreib All electrical wiring in the neighborhood had been cut and burnt A makeshift vegetable and fruit market

Omar then goes to the neighborhood of Bab Al-Sibaa where he introduces us to a local martyr, a victim of a sniper attack ,

Bab Tadmor: Houses catch fire as a result of pounding An entire residential building is brought down , , People sift through the rubble in search of victims , Locals says that loyalist militias did not allow fire trucks to come pout the fire Local authorities finally consent to sending heavy lifting equipment to sift through the rubble A little girl sifts through the rubble in search of her things. She says that she wishes Bashar Assad lives to see his own children burn in front of his eyes after being shelled People show remains of the missiles used to bomb their homes The aftermath of pounding ,

Al-Rifai: pounding of the neighborhood impact a martyr Treating a wounded defector

Boustan Al-Diwan: the neighborhood is pounded

Bab Al-Sibaa: The neighborhood is pounded and the camera crew is caught in the mist of it victim of a sniper , Another martyr

Bab Houd: martyr

Deir Baalbah: wounded

Homs Province

Qseir: battles between loyalist troops and defectors rage on for the second straight day Treating the wounded Locals rally at night

Tal Kalakh: the town comes under intense fire at night

Damascus – East

Douma observes a strike during the day FSA members target a bus belonging to loyalist security forces The town rallies at night , , A martyr

Harasta: painting the flag of independence on the walls of the local headquarters of the Baath Party ,

Damascus – West

Zabadani: local members of the Free Syrian Army carry out continuous survey of the hills surrounding their town to ensure that loyalists are kept at bay At one of the local schools, students hoist the independence flag At night, locals take to the streets

Nighttime Rallies Hameh

Damascus City

Naher Eisheh: in response to the killing of a local yesterday when loyalist troops opened fire on nighttime protesters, locals burnt tires and used boulders to stop traffic along the Damascus – Amman Highway But they soon came under fire themselves

Daraya: members of the Free Syrian Army patrol the streets in their cars at night

Damascus – North

Damascus – South


Idlib City: protesters come under fire – a martyr  rescuing the wounded Treating the wounded The occupants of this car were hit by snipers

The village of Barrah gets heavily pounded during the day and again at night

Barrah: a funeral , Khan Al-Subul: a funeral Hzano: A funeral , Jisr Ashoughour a double funeral Kafar Yassin: A funeral Elteh: A funeral Kassar Al-Zouhour: A funeral

Ariha: loyalist troops patrol the city in their armored vehicles Jisr Ashoughour: loyalist troops breaking into a shop observing the strike

Ableen: locals recover the body of a local who was kidnapped and killed by loyalists who then threw his body in the wilderness to be devoured by the local beasts

Hama City

On morning of January 24, loyalist troops begin pounding the city again , , , , One of the tanks taking part in the pounding Hamidiyeh Neighborhood is pounded The sounds of pounding heard from Bab Qibli snipers take part of the action

But as soon as the pounding stopped, people in Aleppo Road took to the streets as an act of defiance , and in Sabouniyeh Qoussour , At night, Kazo neighborhood comes under fire Same in Bab Qibli

Despite the pounding, locals rallied at night Hamidiyeh , Eleilaat

Hama Province

Majdal: from a distance at night, one can hear the town being pounded by automatic gunfire

Deraa City


Harrah (Jan 23): the night witnesses clashes between defectors and loyalists in the city’s surroundings , ,

Rallies Mleihah Sharqiyeh All-women rally Nighttime Hraak Da’el

Deir Ezzor

Albou Kamal: loyalists loot a local shop for observing the strike Elsewhere in the city, the sounds of gunfire

Tayaneh: protesters are fired on and several are injured

Deir Ezzor City: Ourfi Street Hamidiyeh


Rallies Yaroubiyeh Nighttime Tal Tamir Qamishlo Ghuweiran


Rallies Hiffeh (Babna & Jankeel)

Turkey Refugee Camps

Trying to have fun even in the midst of misery has become one of the hallmarks of Syrian revolutionaries everywhere, and is another way for showing defiance