Monday, January 23, 2012

The Tree Cannot Hold!

As the Arab League votes unanimously to extend its failed mission and issues a useless call on Assad to cede power to his VP, battles continue to rage in Rural Damascus, Idlib and Homs, for the Assads have no interest in leaving, dialoguing or compromising.

Sunday 22, 2012 – The day was dubbed by activists “Russia is killing our children”

Today’s death toll: 22. The Breakdown: 3 in Homs City, 2 in Idlib, 1 in Deraa, 1 in Deir Ezzor and 6 in the Damascene suburb of Douma where clashes between loyalists and defectors continued for a second straight day. Fatalities were also reported in and around Rankous, a town to the North of Damascus, where clashes between defectors and loyalists were also reported. At night, loyalist troops who have been regrouping over the last few days, embarked on another attempt at invading the restive town of Zabadani.

Defections and ensuing clashes with loyalist troops were also reported in the town of Managh in Aleppo Province.

Snowy conditions in Idlib, Aleppo and Hama did not prevent people from organizing their daily rallies. But the cold is making life extremely difficult I most protest communities where fuel supplies are short or nonexistent.


The Tree Cannot Hold

Professor Fouad Ajami reminds us of the following quote by Henry Kissinger in regard to hafiz Al-Assad’s negotiating skills and survival instincts:

“Assad never lost his aplomb. He negotiated daringly and tenaciously like a riverboat gambler to make sure that he exacted the last sliver of available concessions. I once told him that I had seen negotiators who deliberately moved themselves to the edge of a precipice to show that they had no further margin of maneuver. I had even known negotiators who put one foot over the edge, in effect threatening their own suicide. He was the only one who would actually jump off the precipice, hoping that on his way down he could break his fall by grabbing a tree he knew to be there. Assad beamed.”

Indeed, Bashar seems to be intent on following in his father’s footsteps, and he has just taken a wild jump off the precipice. But there is one major flaw in his calculations: The passage of time has ensured that his regime has grown too fat and that the tree trunk k too dry and hollow to hold his weight. In short, the tree will not hold.


Snowy conditions were particularly hard for Syrian refugees in Turkish camps ,

Homs City:

Asheerah: tanks patrolling and pounding the neighborhood in what has become open warfare , Aftermath At night, people break their furniture for heat

The pounding of Wadi Street , In the midst of all this, young men play with death 

Jib Al-Jandali: a funeral one of the martyrs

Bab Al-Sibaa: treating a wounded young activist A truck carrying aid from nearby communities A rally

But neither bombs nor snow would prevent the people of Baba Amr from rallying while chanting “the people want to declare Jihad (holy war)” A new defecting officer addresses the crowd More defections And another rally at night

Homs Province

In Tadmor (Palmyra), security officers who were assigned to protect AL monitors declare their defection

Damascus – East

Douma: martyrs , These three are believed to have died under torture , , A wounded man Local FSA officers send a warning to regime: should their troops attempt to retake the town, they would target the presidential palace with missiles and execute the 5 loyalist security officers they have captured At night, locals hold a rally , 

Kafar Batna: members of the FSA patrol the streets openly during the day Locals rally at night Sporadic gunfire takes place during the night

Saqba: a martyr and mass funeral , , Members from the FSA take part in the really One of them addresses the crowd and tells them that school have been closed until further notice and that all future rallies will be protected by the FSA

Jisreen: Martyrs

Damascus City

Moadamiyeh: loyalist troops patrol the streets to prevent another suburb from falling to the protesters and the rebels ,

Old Mazzeh: a young activist spray-paints revolutionary slogans all over the walls of his neighborhood in open daylight These small acts of defiance are daily occurrences in Damascus and Aleppo.

Damascus – West


Kafrenbel: Snowy condition and new strike and in Kafroumah Naqeer: protesters chant “We have no Kerosene” Ariha “What did you do with our Kerosene Bashar?”

In Idlib City snowy conditions did not prevent a funeral from taking place , Nor did they do so in Taftanaz Or Khan Al-Subul Or Hzano Or Binnish: , , Or Ma’arateh Or Ma’arrat Al-Nouman where the funeral was for this martyr Or Kafar Takhareem for this martyr

Snowmen join the Revolution: Binnish Ma’ar Zeiteh , Sheikh Mustafa

Heesh: sounds of battle from Saturday evening A funeral in Tilmens A funeral in Ihsem

Idlib City: officers from the local branch of political security apparatus defect

Hama City

Bab Qibli: AL monitors enter the neighborhood under the protection of the local members of the FSA , Meeting the locals

Hama Province

Snow conditions were reported in many communities, including Qastoun But they did not prevent rallies.

Aleppo City:

University: Snow does not prevent students from organizing a new on-campus anti-Assad rally , , Students rally again at night

Marjeh: a rally takes place at night

Aleppo Province

Snowy conditions did not prevent rallies

Kafar Nouran a rally and a snow fight at the same time , Taking down Assad poster