Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Hama in Old Homs!

On the thirtieth anniversary of infamous Hama Massacre and as world leaders wrangle over the passage of a toothless resolution, the Assads have decided to give the world a replay, in Homs.

Friday 03, 2012 – A day dedicated to Hama “Please forgive us Hama”

Today’s death toll:  Hundreds.

Over 260 were killed in Homs City (150 in Khaldiyeh Neighborhood, the rest in Insha’aat, Bab Dreib, Baba Amr, Bayadah, Jouret Al-Shayah and Bab Al-Sibaa).

Dozens reported dead in the towns of Zabadani and Madaya in Rural Damascus on account of pounding that followed an attempt at reinvading the two restive communities that was foiled by local members of the Free Syrian Army.

16 more were killed in other communities in Rural Damascus including Daraya ((9), Rankous (4)and Yabroud (2).

3 in Aleppo City (Marjeh Neighborhood), 1 in Hama City, 2 in Kafar Takhreen in Idlib Province (children killed when a mine left by loyalists blew up near the local cultural center).

2 in Houleh (a local doctor and his son who were kidnapped yesterday) and 1 in Rastan in Homs Province.

1 in Idlib City (a man who was napped by loyalists a few days earlier)…

14 loyalists were killed in clashes in Deraa/Hauran Province (Jassem, Nawa, Kafar Shams). More were reportedl killed as well in Qouriyeh in Deir Ezzor Province.

In Anadan in Aleppo Province, rebels affiliated with the Free Syrian Army clashed with local authorities shortly after dawn prayers and established their control over the local military security headquarters.

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The replay of the Hama Massacre in Homs City was a logical choice really. For though Hama City itself was not spared the pounding today, with most of the old historic neighborhoods already destroyed back in 1982, Homs City with old well-preserved historic town must have seemed like a “logical” alternate. The replay itself was done for purely educational proposes of course: the Assads simply want to pound in the lesson that they would not go gently into that good night into our thick rebellious skulls.

So let world leaders grab some popcorn, pour some melted butter over it and enjoy the unfolding gore. Let the Assads  entertain those zombies in their collective soul.

Defectors in Rastan attending the burial of one of their own


Homs City

Khaldiyeh: After a new round defection took place, and with initial clashes between loyalist troops and defectors leaving many casualties among loyalists with 19 loyalists reported captured, loyalist troops used heavy artillery and mortars to pound the neighborhood, as thousands of locals were holding their nighttime rally: over 220 are now confirmed dead, but with hundreds of wounded still being treated in dismal conditions, the toll is expected to rise.

The first images as the victims of the massacre as they were broadcasted live on Al-Jazeerah CNN interviews a local activist who was a witness to the massacre unfolding  

More videos of victims , The wounded, the dead, the dying were all initially transported to a local mosque for immediate treatment , , , Others were smuggled to Baba Amr which has several makeshift clinics under the protection of the Free Syrian Army. The chaotic the scene in the streets A martyred child Another martyr Treating the wounded , , , More martyrs , , ,

Scenes from the clashes that took place earlier in Cairo Street between defectors and loyalists leading to the destruction of a number of armored vehicles and BMPs,, ,

These are the 19 loyalists that were captured by the Farouq Brigade. They get interrogated on camera but no abuse takes place, and none of them shows any sign of abuse. They are asked a simple question: You’re professional soldiers, you had more weapons and more ammunition, and you always chant “God, Syria, Bashar,” so how come you surrendered so easily. At first they are all at loss for an answer, then, one of the says: “Bashar is in his palace leaving us here to get killed” The people in the back row admit to being all Alawites, the rest are Sunnis. One of the Alawites admits to have been brought out of retirement at the beginning of the Revolution. The Alawites are asked: have we treated any differently than the Sunni captives? They reply “no.” Then the loyalist Sunnis are asked: Do Alawites get treated any better than you in your units? They all say “yes.” So, who’s spreading sectarianism then? The regime or the revolutionaries? Then all are told that the regime, backed by Russia, is trying to create a civil war but won’t succeed because the Syrian people are better than this. Finally, the interrogator says that all 19 prisoners will be freed in 3 days should the lowest ranking Russian diplomat come to claim them. He then sarcastically encourages the retired Alawite security officer not to forget coming out on Addounia TV to tell the world about how armed gangs kidnapped him and his colleagues.  

The noontime rally that took place in Khaldiyeh Square , The nighttime rally

The pounding didn’t stop at Khaldiyeh, Insha’aat was pounded as well setting several houses on fire , so was Midan Bab Dreib  Wa’er Malaab And all through Old Homs

Earlir in the day:

Boustan Al-Diwan: Members of the FSA put up barricades around the newly liberated neighborhoods

Bab Al-Sibaa: Activist Omar Tellawi interviews a local assaulted by loyalist as he was leaving the neighborhood to run errands. This kind of intimidation is part of daily realities to locals Another interview with a man hit by loyalists manning a checkpoint

Jub Al-Jandali: a victim of snipers

Bab Dreib: a survey of the havoc ,

Al-Rifai: snipers shoots at worshippers as they stream out of the local mosque

Baba Amr: A tour of one of the neighborhoods many abandoned parts Local activist Abdelbassit Sarout reports on a sniper attack that claimed a father and his son driving their truck (Feb 2) Local activist Khalid Abou Salah introduces two new high ranking defectors to the protesters

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Homs Province

Rastan: A colonel in the Air Force, Qassem Saadeddine, among other lower ranking officers declare their defection from Assad’s army joining the ranks of the FSA The pounding and looting by loyalists continues in some parts Treating the wounded Local FSA members rush to fend an incursion by loyalists The pounding resumes using mortars, houses catch fire , , A tour of the “liberated” parts of town

Zaafaraneh: Local members of the FSA address the crowds Defectors from the local police force roam the streets

Sukhnah: local defector addresses the multitude

Talbisseh: soon after their noontime rally, the town gets pounded again Local water tanks bursts

Tadmor nighttime protesters comer under fire they the entire town gets pounded

Tal Shur is pounded at night

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies


Damascus City

Al-Hajar Al-Aswad: loyalists patrol the neighborhood during the day search cars and arrest children They also surround Rahman Mosque to prevent worshippers from staging a rally

Jobar: Loyalists patrol the streets

Midan: Majed Mosque is besieged by loyalists militias bent on preventing a rally from taking place

Naher Eisheh: protesters came out to show support to locals in Zabadani and Khaldiyeh by closing the highway linking Amman to Damascus and come under fire

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Eastern Ghoutah

Saqba: unidentified martyrs found (Jan 31) Loyalists have been looting stores the makeshift clinic for treating the wounded protesters ransacked

Zamalka: loyalist troops patrol the streets of the suburb in their tanks and armored vehicles

Douma: tanks are stationed throughout the town A martyr

Harasta: loyalists patrol the city , Havoc in Freedom Square

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies
Douma (in support of victims of massacre sin Zabadani and Khaldiyeh)

Damascus South

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

West (Zabadani and Wadi Barada)

Deir Qanoun: local hold mass funeral for martyrs of yesterday’s pounding , , Local members of the FSA destroy a loyalist tanks at the town’s entrance

Daytime Rallies

North (The Qalamoun Region )

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies


Hama City

Different neighborhood come under fire at night ,

Al-Karameh: protesters come under fire  A Martyr

Janoub Al-Malaab: the early morning pounding , does not stop a noontime rally a martyr and his son The pounding of the neighborhood resumed at night

Aleppo Road: a major explosion at night

Bab Qibli comes under fire

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Hama Province

New defections and a new armed unit is formed for the Hama Province

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies


More defections and the creation of a new fighting unit

Kafar Takhareem: loyalists seem to have left mines behind after being forced to leave town, one of them blew up today killing two children ,

Sarjah: tanks pound their way into town ,

Ariha: tanks patrol the streets ,

Khan Shaikhoon: new defector addresses the crowds

Daytime Rallies
Idlib city: , , , , M’arrat Al-Nouman , Binnish , , Kafroumah , Kafrenbel , Hass Jisr Ashoughour (Najiyeh) (Kastan) (Darkoush) Ma’arret Masreen , Taftanaz , Kinsafrah Hzano Sinjar Rami Ariha Deir Sharqi Kafar Yahmoul Ellatamneh (burning the Russian flag) Sarmeen Kafar Takhareem Kafar Sajneh Ma’arrat Hourmah Afis (burning the Russian flag) Tirmaneen Abeen Kafar Jaless Hbeit Sinjar Courine Ghadfah Kafar Ouaid , Sahel Al-Rouj Tilmens Sarmada Mastoumeh Orm Al-Joz Ma’arzaf Jabal Al-Zawiyeh Khan Shaikhoon Deir Sunbul Gilli Jarjanaz Mdaya Salqeen Saraqib

Nighttime Rallies


Deraa City

Omari Mosque: worshippers call for toppling the regime inside the mosque having been prevented from taking to the streets by loyalist troops who lay siege to the mosque with tanks Loyalist militias storm the Mosque at night

Worshippers in Al-Kashif neighborhood were also forced to rally on the premises , worshippers in Musa Mosque in Qoussour as well , and the worshippers in Bilal Mosque in Al-Balad who come under fire as soon as they leave the mosque to encourage them to disperse

Hussain Mosque: worshippers were trapped inside the mosque as well, and many were arrested on their way out

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Deraa/Hauran Province

Da’el: A martyr His funeral , , At night, local unit of FSA launches an operation against loyalist checkpoints in retaliation to the Massacre of khaldiyeh

Kafar Shams: the sounds of clashes between loyalists and defectors

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies


Aleppo City

Marjeh Protesters , clash with loyalist militias and remain defiant even after they are fired at , Transporting the wounded and the dead , , A martyr , The wounded and the dead are strewn in the streets while bullets keep flying trying to save lives

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies
Al-Hayat Hospital (candlelight vigil)

Aleppo Province

Anadan: Crackdown by loyalist security forces on protesters staging a small rally after dawn prayers leaves a number of wounded and leads to a showdown between local recruits affiliated with the FSA and loyalists A wounded defector Treating the wounded A martyr His brother says goodbye By daylight, rebels had established their control over the building and the town , Then a mass funeral for their martyr ,

Elbab: security throw tear gas at protesters People rally again near the local hospital where they have transported their wounded But they are soon attacked again

Marei: A martyr

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Deir Ezzor

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies
Deir Ezzor City (Jbeileh)


Ghuweiran: protesters , face up to the local security

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies


Daytime Rallies