Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Activists’ Revolution!

Assad is “open” to cease-fire and Turkey is “considering” establishment of a buffer zone, meanwhile, the killing enters Year II. But, as previously quiet Raqqah City enters the revolution, it becomes obvious that Assad is unable to kill and terrorize his way back into control. His latest “victories” notwithstanding, the writing on the wall is clear: Assad’s tyrannical and corrupt reign is over. The challenge ahead of us is keeping post-Assad Syria together.

Friday March 16, 2012 – The beginning of a week dedicated to “Demanding Immediate Military Intervention”  

Death toll: 45, including 14 in Raqqah City.

Breaking (Mar 17): 2 spontaneous explosion hit downtown Damascus, the first near Tahrir Square that seems to have targeted the main headquarters of Air Force Intelligence the second is said to have targeted the Criminal Police Administration near Omayad Square. Official media say two booby-trapped cars were used, and that the dead included civilians as well security officers.

Op-Eds & Special Reports

Windows onto Some Sick Minds: Reading Assad Emails

Activists are leading the revolution, not professional opposition groups. Activists are reporting the revolution, not professional media organizations. Activists are obtaining classified information, not professional intelligence agencies. Activists are filling the void left by the breakdown of traditional institutions all over the world.

The Rise of Raqqah: A new battleground

Developments in Raqqah City, a formerly bastion of quietism, go to show that the real story in Syria is not one Assad’s reestablishing control, but him losing control of even more regions and towns across Syria. Today, major protests took place in Raqqah City, with 10s of thousands residents said to take part, but pro-Assad security forces in the city opened fire indiscriminately at protesters killing 14 and wounding dozens:

The day began with a huge rally-cum-funeral for a local activist , , , In typical fashion, protesters tore up old flags and posters of Hafiz Assad Then army troops stormed in and opened fire Protesters remain defiant and some threw stones back The firing continued for a while People documented the development from different angles , ,   

Tabaqah, another major town in the Raqqah Province, also witnessed major rallies today ,

Homs: The Forgotten Siege

After the fall of Bab Amr, the world seems to lost interest in Homs, but the siege, the pounding and the suffering continues. But now, there are no more defectors to fight back. Locals are being systematically starved and slaughtered, and the

Somewhere in Old Homs, activist Omar Tellawi describes the siege of these traditional neighborhoods and wonders why Arab and world leaders, and SNC leaders are not doing anything about it Checkpoints are all over the place, with Hezbollah flags hoisted on top of them There are no more doctors in the neighborhood, or medicine, or enough food, or enough living activists to document the atrocities.  

Elsewhere in the world

A demonstration in Kuala Lumpur in support of the Syrian Revolution What makes this rally interesting is the fact that it was licensed by the local police, which could mean that the Malaysian government might be beginning to recalibrate its position on the Assad regime. The rally also coincided with a visit by Kofi Annan to the country.


Homs City

Mreijeh: the pounding of the neighborhood intensifies

Ghoutah: the pounding intensifies , Locals try to doge the shells Pool of blood and unexploded grenade lie in the street The view from a window But in between bouts of shelling, locals take to the streets

Bab Dreib: the pounding continues

Jub Al-Jandali: homes catch fire

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Homs Province

Houleh: Protesters come under fire The pounding intensifies  

Rastan: more officers defect Mother saying goodbye to her martyred son

Daytime Rallies


Damascus City

Kafar Sousseh: Protesters come under fire

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Damascus South (Southern Ghoutah)

Qatana: a home that was subject to shelling

Kanaker: local protesters remain defiant ever after coming under fire Eventually, Assad loyalist militias move in

Daraya: armored cars surround the suburb

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

West (Zabadani and Wadi Barada)

Daytime Rallies

North (The Qalamoun Region )

Daytime Rallies


Hama City

Entire family hit in the pounding Chopper surveys the scene below

Daytime Rallies

Hama Province

Daytime Rallies


Eltaman’ah: a martyred defector El-Rami

In Idlib City, locals take to the street shouting “we won’t bow down”

Daytime Rallies


Deraa City

Daytime Rallies

Deraa/Hauran Province

Taybah: martyr Da’el: a martyr

Yadoudeh: protesters come under fire

Daytime Rallies


Aleppo City

Ansari: Police move in Protesters come under fire , , But they remain defiant and begin shouting “the Syrian army is a traitor”

Sukkari: Protester come under fire ,

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Aleppo Province

Menbej: local police chief defects and joins the protesters

Daytime Rallies

Deir Ezzor

Daytime Rallies


Hassakeh City: A martyr

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies


Daytime Rallies


Nighttime Rallies