Sunday, March 25, 2012


They waited and waited until the task got much more complex, then they used its complexity as an excuse not to intervene while decrying the lost opportunity for intervention. Meanwhile, the killing continues, and the situation gets worse and more complicated. It’s a déjà vu, déjà vu-ed, again and again, again.

Saturday March 24, 2012

Friday Death Toll: 53, including 21 in a massacre by pro-Assads death squads in the town of Sarmeen, Idlib province. The towns of Khan Shaikhoon (Idlib) and Qusayr (Homs) were also subject to shelling.

In Damascus, Assad security forces opened fire on protesters in the suburbs of Kafar Sousseh and Qadam wounding dozens.

In the town of Eizaz, Aleppo province, clashes between Assad loyalist troops and defectors let 3 loyalists and 1 defector dead. Choppers were used in the crackdown, and one has reportedly been brought down by defectors.

Saturday Death Toll: 54, including 25 in Homs City alone due to resumption of pounding of Old Homs neighborhoods. Ten more were killed in Saraqib, Idlib Province.

An FSA operation in Bdama, Idlib Province, near the Syrian-Turkish border, left 2 loyalists dead and left to the capture of 17 more.

Brigadier General Mustafa Al-Shaikh and Colonel Riyad Al-Assaad announced the formation of united Military Council to take charge of all armed groups involved in the resistance movement. Brig Gen. Al-Shaikh will lead the council, while col. Al-Ass’aad will be in charge of supervising field operations. The Council includes 10 generals and 6 colonels.

Op-Eds & Special Reports
The Tides of Battle in Syria The Free Syria Army remains in the fight and should be sustained and armed to maintain military pressure on the regime.

For those who can think, they can circumvent intervention, a little reminder from Bosnia, where “hapless western leaders trying to broker meaningless ceasefires,” watched on for three years as “a small, slow genocide” was taking place.

As for those, betting on Russia’s playing a more positive role in this situation, should bear in mind that “the Soviet Union lost over 20 million civilians in the “Great Patriotic War” against Nazi Germany, many millions more died in Stalin’s purges, and tens of thousands of Russians were killed in two campaigns to suppress Chechen separatism, so it may be hard to persuade them that the slaughter of civilians in Syria is somehow unacceptable just because of its human cost.”

In short, we don’t seem to be dying fast enough or in large enough number to warrant serious action by anybody, which is a success to Assad’s strategy and the method to his madness.

Video Highlights

Brigadier General Mustafa Al-Shaikh and Colonel Riad Al-Assad unify their groups, the Free Syrian Army and the Military Council, to create an overarching umbrella for on the ground rebels

A new fighting unit in Ariha, Idlib Province, the Tahrir Brigade Another, Al-Alamein Brigade, in Hama Province

Muhammad Abdallah Al-Shaikh, Baath Party Secretary General in Idlib Province, defects

Clashes between loyalists and resistance members in Rastan Another defector from Tlas family joins the local resistance Pounding on Saturday left this child dead

Farouq Brigade destroys a tank in Homs City (Mar 20) But the main story remains that of a continuous pounding by loyalist troops , , , , , , And Mosques get targeted as usual And missiles are used ,

Elsewhere in Homs City, videos show up documenting a massacre that took place on March 12 in Karm Al-Loz neighborhoods, the victims – a family of five , , ,

Jouret Al-Shayah: little girl trapped behind a car by a sniper

Hamdiyeh, Hama City – Maghawir Brigade launches a rocket against a school where loyalist troops carrying out operations against the local population are stationed Anti-aircraft batteries are being used to bombard residential neighborhoods

In Madeeq, Hama Province, Assad loyalists are intentionally destroying the ancient citadel in a move out of the Taliban’s playbook The homes near the ancient citadel are also targeted

In Qusayr, Homs Province, the local mosque gets shelled Impact of pounding ,

The town of Eizaz in Aleppo Province is pounded

In Ma’arrat Al-Nouman, Idlib Province, a local minaret is pounded

In Deir Ezzor, the under-recorded massacres continue, as more martyrs fall in Mou Hassan , ,

In Damascus City, another suburb joins the revolution: Daf Al-Shawk (Mar 23)