Monday, March 26, 2012

The Churning Continues!

As Obama and Erdogan talk, Assad kills.

Sunday March 25, 2012

Death Toll: 70, including 10 in Homs City on account of the continuing pounding of the Old City and 5 in Idlib Province.

Loyalist forces continue their pounding of Eizaz, Hreitan and Anadan in Aleppo Province using choppers. Clashes with members of the local resistance continue near Eizaz.

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New defection and clashes between local resistance (Omari Brigade) and loyalist troops in Deraa Province lead to the capture of Major General Mohsen Makhlouf among other high ranking officers. The resistance also captured tanks and armored vehicles, among other equipment

In Qalamun, Damascus Province, members of the Popular Resistance Block stormed the town of Nabek at night and carried out simultaneous attacks against the local headquarters of the political, air force, military and criminal security apparatuses, destroying them all after an intense battle  

In Jub Al-Jandali, Homs City, local activist Omar Tellawi and colleagues manage to retrieve two bodies that have been lying in the streets for days. Tellawi rails against the world, says that there are many other bodies they couldn’t get, that Iranian agents are involved in carrying out the slaughter in the neighborhoods, and that the population of Old Homs is being wiped out through killing and forced migration. To him the Old City is being cleansed of its Sunni inhabitants

In the largely Kurdish town of Dirbassiyeh, Hassakeh Province, locals drove loyalist security forces out of their town after the later killed the local activist, Juan Qatana

In Aleppo Province, the pounding of the town of Eizaz continues as choppers overfly the city

In Idlib Province, the pounding of Saraqib continues

In Madeeq, Hama Province, the pounding of the ancient citadel continues

And people throughout Syria of all ages continue to be killed: