Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Killing Hoods!

With the international community still debating next steps and implications of arming rebels, Assad is retaking the country one city at a time, using even air power to ensure “victory.” For in their diseased minds where the larvae of hatred and greed continue to gnaw away at the rest of their humanity, the Assads are still dreaming of victory, and the cowardice of world leaders might just enable them to achieve it. Meanwhile, the Killing Hoods continue to proliferate.  

Sunday March 4, 2012

In the time I was unable to update this blog, that is, since February 22, over 1,000 people have been killed, Baba Amr has fallen, more mass murders were committed, and world leaders remain as confused as ever.

He said: "There are no targets in Baba Amr. There are no military targets, it's pure and systematic slaughter of a civilian population. The only reason those shells are going in are to eliminate the people and buildings of Baba Amr. "I saw it. When I got there, I'd seen the reports, there is no war, it's a slaughterhouse." Paying tribute to the "heroes" who helped him escape, he said he had left behind what he feared was going to be "the next Rwanda, the next Srebrenica".
“Iran has been involved in the crackdown by Assad on a much larger scale than previously thought,” said Ammar Abdulhamid, a Washington-based Syrian activist and a member of the Syria Working Group of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington think tank.
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Two Articles by Lee Smith: Free Syria and Total Collapse

Homs City / Karm Al-Zeitun: The fall of Bab Amr was not sufficient for the Assads, the whole city needs to pay for her defiance, and so the pounding continues (Mar 3) (Mar 4) And the cold-blooded massacres

This is exactly how the Assad will behave should they be allowed to retake control of Syria: more people will likely die in the aftermath of an Assad victory then during the revolution itself.

The famous Syrian author Mustafa Khalifah has recently written an article explaining exactly how the Assads will behave after “victory.” Considering their narrow support base, the Assads will need to reinstitute fear in the heart, minds and souls of Syrians, for this, they will need to embark on a massive campaign of mass murder, detention, torture, rape and plunder, all over the country. They will also strengthen the very internal and external alliances that have facilitated their victory. If world leaders think they could live with this, then, all they have to do is what they are doing now: nothing.

Meanwhile, in the town of Rastan in the Homs Province: children are among the victims of the merciless shelling: , , , , , , , While the atrocities compel some of the defectors to leave the city, others elect to stay to defend the local population, having seen that withdrawal does not bring security, as is the case in Baba Amr

The people in certain parts of Syria have squarely turned against SNC leader Burhan Ghalioun and are demanding his ouster chanting “the people want to topple Ghalioun.” The reason: his stand against arming the rebels and military intervention (Houleh/Homs Province) Elsewhere (Erbeen/Damascus): banner demands that SNC “consults itself, before its legitimacy is dropped”

But there is anger against the US as well: (Homs City/Jouret Al-Shayah) Signs says “the Obama Administration is a partner to Assad in his crimes, on orders from Israel” You cannot expect the pragmatic streak that the protesters has exhibited earlier to remain forever. Of course, for now, this is a localized trend which can easily be reversed with the right set of proactive policies, but the window of opportunity will not remain open forever.

The pounding is not restricted to any particular region, but is taking place on a national level: in the south (Hraak)

But defiance continues: Khirbet Ghazaleh (Deraa) Hiffeh (Lattakia) Wadi Al-Arab (Homs City) Kafrenbel (Idlib) Douma (Damascus) Jbala (Idlib) Taybat Al-Imam (Hama) Ma’arrat Hourmah(Idlib) Elbab (Aleppo) Ghadfah (Idlib) Sourah (Deraa) Kafar Sousseh (Damascus) Deir Ezzor City (Deir Ezzor)

And the defections: Mouarrat Al-Nouman (Idlib)