Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Twists!

The increasing violence and continued international dithering continue to test us. New thinking and new methods needed. All fears and apprehensions must be faced, then put to rest.   

Wednesday 28, 2012

Death Toll: 30, as the pounding of Old Homs neighborhoods and Madeeq Citadel in Hama Province continue. Clashes between Assad loyalists and local resistance took place in Rastan (Homs Province) and Da’el and Basr Al-Harir (Deraa Province). Several new high level defections were reported, including Major General Adnan Muhammad Al-Ahmad, head of the Advance Reconnaissance Unit in the Northern Sector. 


Briefly Noted

On the sidelines of the launching ceremonies of the Freedom Collection, I got to talk with President George Bush, and he let me tape this brief message to the people of Syria using my iPhone:  

Links from the Freedom Collection
Why I became a Dissident (General)
Why I became a dissident (Personal) Other clips with me can be found at

On a different note, rebel movements from various parts of the country got together recently and formed in cooperation with local activists and nascent political leadership a new alliance called the Popular Resistance Block. The Block seeks to bring greater measure of unity and cohesiveness to the internal resistance and will conduct its operations in coordination with the Free Syrian Army and the Military Council in Antakya, but will toe its own political line. The Block brings together main groups from Damascus, Idlib, Deraa, Homs and Hama. Talks are ongoing to bring in more groups under its fold. The local leaders named a foreign office to act in an ambassadorial capacity on its behalf on the international scene. The names include: Kamal Labwani, Mahmoud Bakkour, Rasha Khalid, Jamal Al-Ward, Khawla Yusuf and Ammar Abdulhamid, among others. In other words, my wife and will be taken part in representing this movement