Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Ruse!

March 21 is the official Mother’s Day in Syria. It is also Nowruz, the traditional Kurdish holiday. But neither mothers nor Kurds had any reason to celebrate. The killing continues, and the world wants to negotiate with the butchers, for real, no ruse!

Wednesday March 21, 2012

Death toll: 80, including 23 in Old Homs, 5 in Rural Damascus, three in Hama City, and 2 in Deir Ezzor. 

Also on Wednesday, 39 dead bodies were uncovered in Al-Rifai Neighborhood, 19 belonging to the same family, all victims of pro-Assad death squads. The pounding of Old Homs continued, heat seeking missiles were reportedly used. The towns of Rastan and Nizariyeh also witnessed sporadic pounding so did a few neighborhoods in Hama City, as well as a number of towns and villages in the larger Hama Province.

The Damascene suburbs of Arbeen and Harasta where resistance activities have been on the rise again were also pounded. Explosions were also reported shortly after dawn in the Damascene neighborhoods of Ruknaddine and Qaboun.

Defections were reported in a number of villages in Aleppo Province, including Eizaz.

Units affiliated with the FSA withdrew from Deir Ezzor City following two days of clashes with loyalist troops.

Syria’s Kurdish population observed this year’s Nowruz with subdued celebrations in solidarity with revolutionaries throughout the country.  

Op-Eds & Special Reports

Comment: Although the number of reported incidents of abuse on part of the rebels pales in comparison with what regime security officials and pro-Assad death squads are doing, the situation does call for serious remedy if we are to preserve the integrity and credibility of the resistance movement.


Homs City

Khaldiyeh: pounding claims the life of this little boy And the pounding continues all through the night , A martyr Another And pounding through the day , , Shell drops as locals are rescuing the injured Another shell And another

Bab Houd: impact of pounding

Taminat: unknown martyr

Bayadah: pounding

Daytime Rallies
Deir Baalbah (funeral)

Nighttime Rallies

Homs Province

Rastan: a martyred little girl Injured A new fighting unit is formed

Daytime Rallies


Damascus City

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Damascus East (Eastern & Western Ghoutah)

Arbeen: sounds of nighttime clashes ,

Harasta: impact of shelling

Damascus South (Southern Ghoutah)

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies
Al-Hajar Al-Aswad

West (Zabadani and Wadi Barada)

Nighttime Rallies

North (The Qalamoun Region )

Daytime Rallies
Eltal (all-women)


Hama City

Several neighborhoods get pounded, including Arba’een: the neighborhood gets pounded , Hamidiyeh Qssourah

Hamidiyeh: the body of a martyr in the street Two other martyrs Another martyr

Loyalist troops abusing the body of a martyred defector

Nighttime Rallies

Hama Province

Shaizar: martyred little girl Shelling the Ancient Madeeq Citadel

Daytime Rallies


Khan Shaikhoon: a mother of 10 is killed on Syria’s official Mother’s Day the pounding of Khan Shaikhoon

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies
Ma’arrat Masreen


Deraa City

Al-Balad: a woman martyr A body in the street

Daytime Rallies
Al-Balad (funeral)

Nighttime Rallies

Deraa/Hauran Province

Jassem: sounds of nighttime clashes

Daytime Rallies


Aleppo City

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Aleppo Province

Daytime Rallies

Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor City: loyalist troops and tanks storm into the city as rebels withdraw


Daytime Rallies


Lattakia City (Sleibeh): nighttime protesters come under fire