Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thank You Fickleness!

Time and time again, Russia and Iran proved to be reliable allies to the Assads, while leaders of the free world seem to relish their fickleness. And disasters that could have been averted turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.

Monday March 19, 2012

Death toll: 52, including 6 in Deraa Province, and 6 in Deir Ezzor Province. Explosions were heard in Arbeen and Harasta in Eastern Ghoutah region of Damascus, as well as in Qaboun District in Damascus City itself. The pounding of Old Homs continues, as locals find 6 bodies belonging to local women killed by pro-Assad death squads.

Op-Eds & Special Reports

Please, the President should be aware of this matter as quickly as possible. The threats reached Aleppo and the people are in the streets. The students of Idlib, Hama, Homs and Daraa are renting apartments outside the university campus for fear of arrest. The dean of the faculty of electricity is inciting students to stab us with knives and beat us with chains. Moreover there is a security chaos, security agents are entering shops, taking money from owners and threatening to close their businesses. Traffic agents are issuing traffic tickets even if we did not commit violations and ask for at least 1,000 lira. The governor is doing nothing, police command is doing nothing and the people of Aleppo are planning to demonstrate, destroy shops and stop work in all Aleppo until security is restored. And you know that the fall of Aleppo means the fall of the regime and that the fall of economy means the fall of the president. So in the name of God, I beg you to report this situation to the president because people are very angry. I swear to God that they have also raised the flag of the revolution on Aleppo Citadel. I hope you could read my letter and report the situation because the governor is running after violations and you are extremely busy with other important matters. I hope you would read my letter because honestly, I am terrified.

The Battle for Damascus

The clash that took place between members of the local resistance and security forces loyal to Assad took place less than a block away from our apartment, still awaiting our eventual return. My mother lives just across the highway. The local security headquarters that came under attack is one that I know very well, as I have been interrogated there on a number of occasions. The battle is coming home.

Sounds of the nighttime battle http://youtu.be/nzBgmqxV8rE

Just a little north, a couple of blocks really, is Mazzeh Jabal and the famous Commune 86, an unplanned settlement inhabited by Alawite soldiers and officers whose guard rushed in to join the fray, and ended up killing many of their own. Most mid- and high-ranking loyalist officers have been evacuated, and are unlikely to return anytime soon. But the foot soldiers and security guards will likely become more vicious, and that will only pave the way for more clashes, as things in the neighborhood has been heating up for a while.

Besides this attack, and the two bombings that targeted security headquarters in Tahrir and Jamarek, there were other relatively minor incidents all across the city over the last couple of days, confirming what I have been saying for a while now: Assad’s recent victories are rather pyrrhic, he and his henchmen have only succeeded in transforming the country into one giant battlefield.

It doesn’t matter how many soldiers Iran, Hezbollah and now Russia send to shore up the Assads, they are not going to prevent the looming implosion, nor will they have the stomach or the stamina to stick around to manage whatever comes next. Sooner or later, they will return where they come from, alive or in body bags, and the revolutionaries will stay and rebuild. It’s an age old story about to be replayed.

The Battle for Deir Ezzor

Meanwhile, in Deir Ezzor City and the larger province, intense clashes between members of the local resistance and forces loyal to Assad have been taken place over the last few days, with parts of Deir Ezzor City now falling under the control of the resistance.

Loyalist snipers throw bodies of dead defectors from on top of one of the buildings under their control in Deir Ezzor City http://youtu.be/hPJ2nKNrG7Q Elsewhere in the city, members of the local resistance carry out an operation targeting a loyalist tank in the distance http://youtu.be/RTMY4idPt6M Martyrs http://youtu.be/Vb104g7CHF4 , http://youtu.be/q_0Sm3FHQFc Locals barricaded the streets to delay arrival of loyalist convoys http://youtu.be/y9dB8mteL8A

Elsewhere in the province towns such Kharitah and Mou Hassan has been subjected to intense pounding, amidst reports of large-scale defection in Mou Hassan.

Elsewhere, 2 Alawite officers announce their defection http://youtu.be/yZrb5x3WwX0


Homs City

Adawiyah: pro-Assad death squads break into a house and execute its occupants, all women http://youtu.be/pLXHVxeNo4Q

Bab Al-Sibaa: the pounding continues http://youtu.be/kqLWVldSAJo , http://youtu.be/79IgBQl-RbU , http://youtu.be/JJejJh5i2jg A building catches fire http://youtu.be/FnWwEsaHOcE , http://youtu.be/0dFDPww41Zk This little girl is victim of sniper http://youtu.be/vZam7iB6Gow Martyr in the street http://youtu.be/7WrpOzp7U5c Two cars catch fire http://youtu.be/Fye88DxoCtc

Local activist, Khalid Abou Salah, of parts of the neighborhood that have become completely desolate http://youtu.be/NQlO7rBDIz4 The pounding continues and more homes catch fire http://youtu.be/jXlBXcipOBg The local mosque abandoned and nearly ruined http://youtu.be/MCBGC8qBJ5g

Khaldiyeh: martyr http://youtu.be/uW_PY4exPHg

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Homs Province

Rastan: A family of three (father, mother and little girl) is killed when their home is hit by a rocket http://youtu.be/fXlPtD7lTeI the three were buried at night http://youtu.be/UzNrRu02mU0

Qusayr: pounding leaves two children dead http://youtu.be/j2Dg_rNLiBM

Daytime Rallies
Houleh (funeal) http://youtu.be/_2n-dB1Dw3w


Damascus City

Naher Eisheh: nighttime protesters come under fire http://youtu.be/c3gasdn_qnM

Nighttime Rallies

Damascus East (Eastern & Western Ghoutah)

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Damascus South (Southern Ghoutah)

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West (Zabadani and Wadi Barada)

Nighttime Rallies

North (The Qalamoun Region )

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Hama City

Nighttime Rallies

Hama Province

Shaizar: local members of the resistance blow up a tank http://youtu.be/MABUKM-xXcA

Ellatamneh: a victim of torture http://youtu.be/K3_YGSLDo1c


Daytime Rallies
Binnish (funeral) http://youtu.be/Gimo0hSpAxo Kafrenbel (funeral) http://youtu.be/mKkInQgpjfM Kafar Takhareem http://youtu.be/X5oCjJ764bk Ariha (funeral) http://youtu.be/bbRuxth6884

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Deraa City

Mahatah: sounds of nighttime clashes http://youtu.be/0n40jBD-kRc

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Deraa/Hauran Province

Bosra: Loyalist troops open fire on protesters killing three and injuring a dozen http://youtu.be/RXbGssQitlw

Kafar Shams: Martyr http://youtu.be/WOlbjVLwj-A

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Aleppo City

Salaheddine: nighttime protesters come under fire http://youtu.be/HCmjcWcigfE

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Aleppo University http://youtu.be/w6BYVhZQF7Y

Aleppo Province

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Deir Ezzor

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Deir Ezzor City (Jbeileh) http://youtu.be/5ZKB5cZ4Cos


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