Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Typical Day!

World leaders who don’t want to intervene to prevent the devolution of Syria should know that the day will come when they will have to intervene to put as much of the pieces back together again. But intervention now means less blood and smaller commitment.

A typical day in Syria

Thirty Eight people were killed in sweep operations throughout the Idlib Province, including in Ariha, Idlib City, Binnish (13) and Kafrenbel. The head of the Free Syrian Army, Lt. Col. Riyad Al-Ass'aad, also reports that local units affiliated with the FSA has downed one chopper and destroyed 6 tanks belonging to loyalists. 

Sixteen defectors were killed by loyalist militias near the city of Jisr Ashoughour when their convoy was ambushed.

Seventeen defectors were killed in clashes in Daraya Suburb in Damascus. 

In Talbisseh, Homs Province, 10 loyalists were killed in clashes with the local resistance.

Twenty prisoners in Raqqah City Central Prison were wounded when guards opened fire to disperse an anti-Assad protest rally the prisoners staged in the prison’s courtyard.

Clashes between loyalists and local resistance took place throughout the city of Deir Ezzor, especially near the local airport and Jourah and Jbeileh neighborhoods. Elsewhere in the province, clashes were reported in Albou Kamal and Qouriyeh.

In Damascus, clashes were reported in Douma, Jobar, Misraba, Qatana and Daraya.

Pro-Assad militias carried out raids into a number of villages and towns in the Qalamoun mountains north of Damascus City.

In Deraa, clashes were reported in Saida, Hraak, Jizeh and Tafas. In Jassem, five defectors were executed by loyalists.

Meanwhile, the pounding of Old Homs continues, so does the pounding of the towns of Qusayr and Rastan in Homs Province.

In Hama City, sniper activities were reported in various locations, and several neighborhoods were pounded.

Current Trends

Armed groups have increasingly switched to Guerilla warfare tactics. But then, pro-Assad militias (AKA, the Shabbiha) are now using similar tactics in addition to wide-scale looting, murder of entire families, targeting of Sunni religious symbols (mosques and minarets), and ethnic cleansing in areas where Alawites are majority. The Shabbiha have by now become an army onto themselves and have already been trained by the Republican Guard and their Iranian advisers. Their main task is to lend support to Assad loyalist troops by spreading terror in restive communities, hence their increasing reliance on cold-blooded murder using knives and sparing neither women nor children. Rape has become a favorite weapon as well, especially in Homs City.

Meanwhile, and according to Al-Jazeerah correspondent in Antakya who met with the high level defectors who had recently crossed the border into Turkey, ethnic cleansing targeting Sunni villages and neighborhoods located in Alawite majority areas is already taking place, with residents of five Sunni villages among the recent victims. The Assads, we are told, are preparing for the establishment of an Alawite state along the coastal region, should worst come to worst

Nonviolent activists are adopting more tactics meant to disrupt the normal flow of daily life, including blocking main highways with burning tires every night, and continuing to organize after school student rallies throughout the country.

Major defections in Aleppo lead to the formation of another brigade under the umbrella of the Free Syrian Army Meanwhile, In Idlib, the first high ranking Christian officer, Moutee Ilyas, declares his defection and joins the ranks of the Free Syrian Army

As things devolve in Syria, anger mounts and people blame everybody, including the international community and the opposition. Who can blame them? No one has offered them anything so far. Even the donations sent by Syrians living abroad often fail to reach the intended communities. The sentiments of frustration are captured in this banner from the town of Binnish, which received its fair share of the pounding today, and offered 13 martyrs.

 “Down with Councils & Coordination Committees! Down with the traitors in the SNC! Down with the Syrian Revolution Main Page (on Facebook)! Down with the Union of Coordination Committees and with the Syrian Revolution General Commission!”

Homs City

The pounding of Old Homs neighborhoods continues to claim children as victims The pounding of Karm Al-Zeitun and Rifai Neighborhoods continues , Karm Al-Zeitun: martyr

Sixty Street: trying to pull the body of a martyr from the street

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies

Homs Province

Talbisseh: more defectors

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies


Damascus City

Jobar: sounds of nighttime clashes

Qadam: protesters burn tires to stop traffic on the Damascus – Amman Highway Same in Midan This happens every night at different intersections.

Nighttime Rallies

Damascus East (Eastern & Western Ghoutah)

Damascus South (Southern Ghoutah)

Daraya: stormed again Clashes with local unit of the FSA left 17 dead: 6 from the town of Kanaker, and 11 from other nearby communities.

West (Zabadani and Wadi Barada)

Nighttime Rallies


Hama City

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies


Idlib City: sniper victim in the street A little among today’s dead Black smoke fills up the skies over Idlib city The sounds of automatic gunfire

Binnish gets pounded at dawn

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies


Deraa City

Nighttime Rallies

Deraa/Hauran Province

Khirbet Ghazaleh: locals block the nearby highway using burning tires

Tafas comes under fire And Matayeh

Saida: sounds of nighttime clashes between FSA and loyalists

Daytime Rallies

Nighttime Rallies


Aleppo Province

Atareb: tanks move in Minarets targeted as usual

Daytime Rallies

Deir Ezzor

Daytime Rallies
Albou Kamal (funeral)

Nighttime Rallies


Nighttime Rallies

The residents of the Turkish refugee camp, Yelda, most of whom hail from Jisr Ashoughour, held their own commemoration of the Massacre of Jisr Ashoughour of 1980 , ,