Monday, April 16, 2012

Are we there yet?

So long as world leaders still believe that a political solution to the Syrian crisis is still in the realm of possibilities, the killing will continue, and with it the slow motion implosion of a country.

Sunday April 15, 2012

Death Toll: 26, including 11 in Homs City as the pounding of the Old Town intensified, and 7 defectors who were executed on the spot by Assad loyalists in the town of Jassem, Deraa. Three more were killed in Hama, 2 in Aleppo City who died of injuries sustained on Saturday, 3 in Wadi Barada and 3 in Douma in Rural Damascus.

Op-Eds & Special Reports

No matter what the UN “peace” monitors will try to accomplish at this stage, Assad is all set on raising parts of Homs City to the ground. The idea of repeating the Hama scenario and getting away with it, again, has become something of an obsession and a challenge for him and the family, ever since Erdogan said that he won’t allow another Hama to take place. Now, it’s a matter of pride: they want to show everybody inside the country and outside, that they can get away with it again, and that no one can stop them.

Video Highlights

On the today’s martyrs in Damascus – a child from Douma suburb A funeral takes place for another martyr

Homs City: the pounding of Khaldiyeh resumes , , , Setting buildings on fire The pounding continues at night The pounding also touched Qarabis Sultaniyeh Qoussour Warsheh Bodies lie in the streets of Bayada Local activists risk their lives trying to reclaim them Jouret Al-Shayah

Despite the pounding, elsewhere in Homs City, locals keep organizing their anti-Assad rallies

The nights of Hama City are marred by pounding , ,

In Salqeen, Idlib Province, protesters come under heavy automatic fire 

And lest people think that rallies are not taking place anymore, simply because I am not covering them as much as I used to, they are actually happening all the time: