Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Diplomacy Victorious!

Assad wants “written” guarantees from those he describes as “terrorists” in order to abide by Annan’s Plan! What more needs anyone say? This and the proliferating daily massacres taking place around the country are nothing but a triumph for lead-from-behind diplomacy. Let’s give President Obama another Nobel he didn't earn and call it a conflict.

Monday April 9, 2012

Death Toll: Over 1,200 people were killed between April 1 and 9, more than 550 in the last three days alone.

Op-Eds & Special Reports

It seems that the international community had developed a case of collective amnesia as far as its legal and moral obligations are concerned. Or that the peoples and governments who came up with the notion of R2P (Responsibility to Protect) have all faced mass extinction. Or that certain leaders are too busy leading from behind, their own to specific, they have no time for developments on the front where more and more massacres are taking place.

Massacres, Massacres & More Massacres

Taftanaz/Idlib Province: more than 100 locals were killed in the bombardment of the town on April 5 http://youtu.be/mvisWWooGXA , http://youtu.be/_mnI5xD7xYc The Burial http://youtu.be/7hAdxoP6Sjk Choppers took an active part in the bombardment http://youtu.be/AMc_xmV-TEY

Ellatamneh/Hama Province: 62 peo0ple were killed during the pounding of the town on April 7 http://youtu.be/QT47tTkWVeE An impromptu funeral http://youtu.be/DqDBkT3Q9to A little girl among the dead http://youtu.be/3RHipOWwGFg More people die on April 9, including this child http://youtu.be/dTMr7Ipy_HA And this family of 10 http://youtu.be/F_afpnsN62Y Locals are still removing the dead from under the rubble http://youtu.be/kV-xNRugYB0

Deir Baalbah/Homs City: bodies in the streets http://youtu.be/LEqlYLI8sUE  On April 7, locals found 13 more bodies of people who were executed by Assad death squads http://youtu.be/EpsZDms6qXs

In Homs City, every new day brings with it a new massacre (April 7) http://youtu.be/h0eKkNNOcTI

On April 7, the pounding left 7 people dead in Bsamis/Idlib Province http://youtu.be/udU9-Sbrtq4

April 9: the massacres of Tal Rif’aat/Aleppo Province http://youtu.be/nI5Ym388iq8 , http://youtu.be/2sAUFm7xz2A

Leaked video shows how Assad death squads celebrated the “liberation” of Baba Amr neighborhood in Homs City http://youtu.be/SY0q4iuEOpo This is the “freedom” Assad plans to give us, in the words of his troops http://youtu.be/k-uAK6fD21A  Major Badee Al-Ali addresses the loyalist troops that retook Baba Amr, praising their courage in all humility http://youtu.be/AwRGwYHjDO0 More abuse http://youtu.be/HOV98K4XQDQ


In Aleppo, the crackdown intensified as Assad militias pounded a number of towns and cities in the larger province, including Hreitan http://youtu.be/JP-rCfGJHtI , http://youtu.be/X_DAWFHnrlw Rather than saving the victims trapped under the rubbles, there are signs that some were finished off with knives http://youtu.be/G-wNBfqIJXE

The pounding of Eizaz spills over into the refugee camp in Kilis in Turkey http://youtu.be/eyWTXsGfb6s


The pounding of Homs City continues:

Qusayr/Homs Province: the town gets pounded again http://youtu.be/oH36Wd9uzzM Leaving many dead http://youtu.be/b6msObuBXl8 The nearby town of Rastan continues to be pounded as well http://youtu.be/b5lOTGTepXA , http://youtu.be/EQL_kRuQaoI , http://youtu.be/1SRKOm0DUwU , http://youtu.be/r7UZrEYg6cw with people dying every day http://youtu.be/UdAI_8nCFJY

In Talbisseh/Homs Province, public parks became new cemeteries http://youtu.be/Q7xrqTWjTFk


The pounding of Khan Shaikhoon continues http://youtu.be/l2DfkXes7fg

Setting bodies on fire have become a new tactic employed by Assad death squads all through the country: Gilli/Idlib http://youtu.be/Ez5cKE41EEU

More dead in Jisr Ashoughour’s Bashiriyah suburb http://youtu.be/Ejo6CjSewnQ


In Damascus, the suburb of Daraya was pounded on April 7 http://youtu.be/xCttTlJzUHM

In Hama City, a number of neighborhoods were heavily pounded, including Arba’een Neighborhood http://youtu.be/_cARbNKDzmA

In the larger Hama Province, the town of Kafarzeitah became the target of renewed shelling by choppers http://youtu.be/B2bMXm1yBSs