Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday the 13th – They’re Baaack!

With over 720 rallies taking place all over the country, peaceful protesters made a much awaited comeback indicating that the revolution has not lost any steam and that the desire to overthrow the regime is as strong as ever. But, with 13 killed despite the ceasefire, the Assads’ appetite for bloodshed and their willingness to hold on to power at any cost does not seem to have diminished. The world watches on, while we soldier on.

720 anti-Assad rallies took place in Syria on Friday, including 154 rallies in Idlib, 117 in Hama, 110 in Damascus and suburbs, and 84 in Aleppo. Meanwhile, and despite the ceasefire, the pounding of Homs neighborhoods resumed, and Assad loyalist troops killed 13 protesters all through the country when they opened fire on rallies. It’s back to Square One for both sides.

A sign in Kafrenbel, Idlib Province: I am a Druze, an Alawite, A Sunni, A Kurd, an Ismailite, a Christian, a Jewish and an Assyrian… I am the Syrian Rebel and I am proud.