Monday, April 23, 2012

Violations Galore!

As Assad violates Annan’s Plan, and Annan violates decency, the Syrian people feel doubly violated!

While all eyes were fixated on Homs, Idlib, Aleppo and Damascus, major clashes have been taking place in Deir Ezzor Province, where local resistance leaders have been taking advantage of the vast desert expanses to conduct an effective Guerrilla warfare. Indeed, today, the leader of the Jaafar Brigade declared that his troops control over 70% of the province But the commander also declares that his brigade will abide by the ceasefire agreement, but reserves the right to defend the communities under their protection.

 Someone should tell Mr. Kofi Annan to pick better dinner companions. This kind of old-style diplomacy will not endear him to the side that really matters in this: the revolutionaries (Picture date April 4, 2012. Anna’s companions include, Assad’s spokeswoman, his FM and the Deputy FM)
 Assad’s death squads in Deir Ezzor City hide their tanks in a local school (April 22, 2012)
A sign from the inhabitants of the City of Rastan, Homs Province (April 22, 2012)

Video Highlights

Homs City: refugees sheltered in schools, often five families to a classroom The havoc that is Jouret Al-Shayah

Rastan, Homs Province: UN monitors stop in Rastan on their way to Hama City, where they are welcomed by local members of the FSA Monitors were then escorted around town to inspect damage wrought by the constant pounding The FSA commanders show the monitors that tanks standing at the town outskirts Locals take advantage of the monitors presence to stage a hug rally , ,

In the nearby town of Qusary, and though no monitors showed up, locals take advantage of the lull in pounding to stage a mass rally

Hama City: Assad death squads open fire on protesters who were gathered to receive the UN monitors Locals receive the UN monitors while chanting against Assad and for the FSA, they immediately show them the snipers taking up positions on top of a nearby building Locals take advantage of the presence of monitors to stage a rally In Arba’een Neighborhood, locals welcome the monitors with chants of “the people want to topple the regime” , Locals complain of deteriorating living conditions Wherever they go, the monitors are welcomed by throngs of locals chanting against Assad Here, snipers can be seen threatening locals of what they will do after the monitors leave Snipers act on their threats immediately after the departure of UN monitors Sniper in action, begins shooting when protesters begin chanting “Syria is ours and does not belong to the Assad family” Sniper takes a shot at the cameraman who was wounded in the arm Snipers in Arba’een make sure to target the minaret of the local mosque

Hteitet Al-Tukrman, Rural Damascus: Martyr – victim of a sniper attack , Martyr & Son His nighttime funeral

Douma, Rural Damascus: local stage mass funeral for today’s martyrs  

Al-Hraak, Daraa: the siege of the town by pro-Assad troops continues for the third straight day, people are not allowed to leave and no one is allowed to come in

Elbab, Aleppo Province: locals hold a funeral for another of their martyrs

Dirbassiyeh, Hassakeh: Kurdish inhabitants stage a mass rally for a local martyr

Al-Rami, Idlib: Two of today’s martyrs , Their funeral

Another Major General declares his defection and joins the FSA

On April 19, head of the High Military Council, Major General Mustafa Al-Shaikh, calls for international military intervention and strikes against the regime outside the UN purview, including arming the FSA and establishment of safe havens