Friday, May 18, 2012


As Putin’s Ego goes nuclear by proxy, the Assads continue to perpetrate their massacres across Syria.

Thursday May 17, 2012

Death toll: 35, including 12 in Damascus and suburbs, 9 in Homs, 4 in Aleppo, 4 in Daraa, 3 in Idlib and 3 in Suweida, Raqqah and Deir Ezzor.

Also on Thursday, FSA units welcomed the defection of Lieutenant Tayseer Deeb, an Alawite officer from the town of Qardaha, the hometown of the Assad family.

Op-Eds & Special Reports
Syrian Jihadis: Real and Exaggerated Damascus may be exaggerating the strength of the Syrian jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusra.

Video Highlights

Pounding by pro-Assad militias leads to a major forest fire near the town of al-Hosn in Homs Province

The pounding of Douma suburb in Rural Damascus leaves a number of martyrs, including these two children , An entire family was killed But inhabitants remain defiant

The pounding of the town of Rastan in Homs Province continues (Nighttime) , (daytime) Units of the FSA try to fight back

Khaldiyeh Neighborhood continues to be targeted by pro-Assad militias

Students at the University of Aleppo come out in droves to meet visiting UN monitors Repeating calls of “the people want to topple the regime” Pro-Assad security and militias attack the protesters with clubs, some take refuge in a car belonging to the UN monitor team and beg the driver and companion to keep them there as security try to open the doors to get them out

Cartoon by Syrian artist Ali Ferzat