Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Enter the Merchants!

With the Damascene Merchant Elite throwing its support behind the revolution, the Massacre of Houla has become a watershed moment in the history of the Syrian Revolution, even as its impact on global consciousness remains uncertain.

The Russia Guilt

In response to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s assertion that rebels share the blame for the Houla Massacre, it’s worth reminding that Russia shares even more of the blame in this regard. After all, they have been arming Assad and shielding him politically since the beginning of the revolution. The blood that was shed in Houla and is still being shed all across the country is on their hand. The assertions made by Russian officials to the effect that the arms they are sending to Syria are not the kind that can be used in the crackdown are worthless in the absence of any verification. In reality, with their every act and breath so far, Russian officials, to their eternal shame, insist on being part of the problem in Syria, rather than the solution.

Video Highlights

Damascus goes on strike http://youtu.be/D_57ksWjG3M , http://youtu.be/CR3qPio1QcA , http://youtu.be/wiBjY547uyE , http://youtu.be/aQWk8CDHfmM The strike was observed in main commercial districts of Hamidiyeh, Hariqah, Bahsah and Halbouni as well as protest hubs of Kafar Sousseh, Qaboun, Barzeh, Assaly, Midan and elsewhere.  

Damascus offers another child martyr (Tadamon Suburb) http://youtu.be/nooC0b3la2M Hama City as well http://youtu.be/21ncUZ95fXk

The pounding of old neighborhoods in Homs City resumes: Khaldiyeh http://youtu.be/TE_Om_J_XE0 , http://youtu.be/wFwVbhwpQOc , http://youtu.be/lwO_q-PuKTI , http://youtu.be/4Fqfnd8vEPY with deadly consequences http://youtu.be/hXIBBn1KDnM , http://youtu.be/RWakKur0954 , http://youtu.be/fIaurFd71Qw Hamidiyeh http://youtu.be/-hEu0QtWVeg Bassel Shihadeh, an activist from Damascus, Christian, dies in Homs City as he was taking part in documenting the atrocities of pro-Assad militias http://youtu.be/5VMOypEjkC4  

The pounding of the town of Al-Atareb in Aleppo Province, leaves scores wounded http://youtu.be/DRPkd_FB224 , http://youtu.be/-2QCtazzOSU , http://youtu.be/5HtBdJnV7EE

Protesters in New York rally in front of the house of Assad’s UN envoy and force him to call the police http://youtu.be/gvz-vGEjws0

By Syrian Cartoonist, Ali Ferzat