Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jihadi Marionettes Meet Russian Matrioshkas!

Suicide bombings in Syria are not meant to terrify the Syrian people but the international community. Yes, the Assads are targeting YOU, and it’s probably working. Because, right now, you’re probably thinking very hard about the necessity of shirking your moral responsibility towards the innocent. The responsibility to protect, and all that legal jargon, is becoming increasingly meaningless. Who’s winning the War on Terror now?     

Thursday May 10, 2012

Death Toll: 26, including: 10 in Homs, 8 in Aleppo, 3 in Rural Damascus, 2 in Idlib, 2 in Daraa and 1 in Hama City. 55 more were killed in the two explosions that rocked Damascus.

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Terror Tactics

Resistance leaders on the ground, who to date continue to push for international intervention and pin their hopes on getting it, know fully well that chaos will not help their cause. On the other hand, chaos is exactly what the Asasds have been actively trying to create in order to dissuade the international community from contemplating any interventionist scenarios.

So, quo benificio from all the “terrorist attacks” taking place across Syria these days? The Assads of course. They remain the culprits and the true puppet masters behind the Jihadi marionettes, and not only in Syria. World and regional leaders would better watch out.

Just to drive the point home, the title of this Washington Post report says it all: Suicide attack in Syria makes international action less likely.

But the Guardian did not fail to remind its readers at length of the controversy surrounding the spate of terror attacks in the country:

Opinions are still divided about two attacks on similarly sensitive security installations in the Kafr Sousseh area of Damascus before Christmas. Opposition sources described mysterious transfers of prisoners to the heavily guarded buildings the day before the blasts, which coincided with the arrival of Arab League monitors. Western governments concluded that those attacks had been carried out by an al-Qaida-type group using military explosives and methods perfected in Iraq.

The next attack, a suicide bombing on 6 January in the nearby suburb of Meidan, was widely believed to have been staged by the Syrian authorities.

Film inadvertently broadcast on state media showed apparently dead or injured people moving around after being filmed, and objects such as shopping bags being placed at the scene by security personnel. State media arrived surprisingly quickly, adding to suspicions that it was an elaborate fake. Opposition sources claimed that names on the casualty lists in these incidents have been duplicated.

Considering how the Russians rushed to bill our innocent visit to Kosovo, branding it as an attempt to study terror tactics, and their adoption of the regime’s version of things concerning these attacks, it seems that they are very much aware of Assad’s plans, and very much supportive of them. Since the Assads are the puppet masters of the Jihadis, perhaps the Russians are now the puppet masters of the Assads. With this in mind, our story then is not about the simple marionettes, but more about marionettes-cum-matrioshkas.

Cartoon by Syrian artist Ali Ferzat

Video Highlights

In Hama City’s Eleilat neighborhood, worshippers come under fire even as they pray in a local mosque

Bab Houd neighborhood, Homs City: pulling bodies from the streets continues to be a dangerous but necessary “pastime” People keep stumbling on unidentified bodies in the streets ad in the fields: Um Walad, Daraa

More towns and cities across the country continue to come under fire night: Kafrenbel, Idlib Tafas, Daraa Daraa City

The suburb of Kafar Batna, rural Damascus, comes under fire during daytime So does the nearby town of Dmeir

Bdama, Idlib comes under fire during the day

People hold more funerals: Kafar Sousseh, Damascus City Arbeen, Rural Damascus Shaghour, Damascus City Bouaydah, Homs