Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Requiem for the Living!

If world leaders believe that they have the luxury to turn their collective back on Syria and wring their collective hands, it will not be the first time people failed to see how their own houses were vulnerable to the fire they were doing nothing to combat. Humanity has made a habit of dancing in her own funeral. What we need today, more than ever, is a requiem for the living for the dead are already at peace.

Tuesday May 29, 2012

Death toll: 61, mostly in Homs, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor provinces.

Op-Eds & Special Reports
All of the attention being devoted to such dead-end diplomatic initiatives is simply indicative of the fundamental lack of seriousness in Washington regarding events in Syria. President Obama may have created an Atrocities Prevention Board, but he is doing nothing serious to prevent the ongoing atrocities in Syria.

Video Highlights

In the village of Sijer in Deir Ezzor Province in the northeast, locals find dozens of unidentified bodies with their hands tied behind their backs left by pro-Assad militias, the victims of summary executions: http://youtu.be/DxTvF7g6dFU

In Homs City, the pounding of old neighborhoods continues: Bab Sibaa http://youtu.be/MCwjNVtmdXo , http://youtu.be/2cW6ncspAqs Hamidiyeh: human remains scattered all over the streets http://youtu.be/6cBGQDOhrsA

The nearby town of Qusayr along the Lebanese borders continues to be heavily bombarded as well http://youtu.be/HlZsd8NsY1Y , http://youtu.be/UB9zX4__qUQ , http://youtu.be/cr7oXDLqseE Treating the injured http://youtu.be/ymvoDziNsQ8 , http://youtu.be/LStUj9mZros Martyrs http://youtu.be/WKECEkDAGx4 , http://youtu.be/2VD63bHzm1M

In the town of Rastan, Homs Province, and after weeks of pounding, many neighborhoods lie in ruins http://youtu.be/rwL8n1g0-7E

In Aleppo Province, the battle for the town of Al-Atareb continues, but for now the local resistance retains control http://youtu.be/In_FZ5-4Nyk Scenes from the battle: local resistance laying siege to an official building where loyalist forces took refuge http://youtu.be/Q40u6RodIo8 , http://youtu.be/ZZzYa0miY_4 , http://youtu.be/1q1pSImGdYQ The wounded http://youtu.be/JIpWMxlAY9M Martyrs http://youtu.be/KNgVAdYSq_c

In Damascus, the town of Douma comes under fire at night http://youtu.be/t94bUwJgKpM and has come under fire earlier in the day as well http://youtu.be/ALsbNkqPT0w

Leaked videos shows loyalist troops firing at civilian neighborhoods in the town of Da’el in Daraa Province http://youtu.be/TbHscxDBwD8