Thursday, May 10, 2012


The Routine of defiance and crackdown continues to unfold, sham elections and useless UN missions notwithstanding.   

Wednesday May 9, 2012

18 killed, mostly in Idlib and Homs. A roadside bomb targets UN monitors convoy in Daraa Province, but no monitor was hurt but six Syrian soldiers sustained injuries. The town of Khan Shaikhoon, Idlib Province, came under heavy pounding. At night, the pounding of Homs City neighborhoods resumed. On Thursday morning, two explosions rocked Damascus City, no word yet as to casualties.   

Op-Eds & Special Reports
The Assad regime has been able to retain the allegiance or at least the passivity of Syria’s minorities by raising the specter of sectarian violence opposition, said exiled dissident Ammar Abdulhamid, a fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. “The communal divide has given the regime room for maneuver,” he told the Woodrow Wilson forum. But the opposition also shares the blame for failing to give sufficient guarantees of minority rights or to respect Kurdish identity and aspirations for autonomy. The international community has given “sympathy, but not support” for the opposition, said Abdulhamid, who called for more assistance with capacity building and transitional planning.

Important Read
(Veton Surroi is a journalist, writer and politician. He was a senior negotiator for Kosovo in the Rambouillet peace talks in 1999 and the Vienna status talks from 2005 to 2007.)

A Cuban-Syrian Alliance in Florida

“Yesterday was a historic day for Syrian Americans and Cuban Americans,” wrote a friend describing the important development that took place on May 8 in Florida. The development: a group of Syrian-American and Cuban-American organizations got together and signed an agreement to:

“coordinate all our political, diplomatic, logistic and humanitarian efforts in pursuit of the liberation of Cuba and Syria, hence constituting a United Front for the Freedom and Democracy. Therefore, the Cuban Resistance and the Syrian Revolution jointly declare: The people want the overthrow of the dictatorial regimes of Assad and Castro."

Bluntly put, Syrian Americans and Cuban American in Florida will be lobbying together for the adoption of a clear strategy for overthrowing the Assad and Castro regimes. Presidential Candidates who want to win that ever coveted Cuban vote in Florida better start calibrating their message on Syria, and Cuba, now.

The Syrian American organizations that took part in the event: American-Syria Public Affairs Committee (AMSPAC), Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), United For Syria (UFS), Syrian American Council (SAC) and Syrian Expatriate Organization (SEO).

Video Highlights

Damascus Explosions: plume of smoke rise after the second explosion ,

Different communities in Syria sleep and wake up to the sounds of gunfire: Alatareb, Aleppo Qouriyeh, Deir Ezzor Hama City Kafrenbel, Idlib Ankhel, Daraa Ariha, Idlib Bdama, Idlib

In Idlib Province, the town of Khan Shaikhoon and surroundings came under heavy pounding

The pounding of the nearby town of Talbisseh, Homs Province, leaves this two martyrs The pounding takes place shortly after a visit by UN monitors

The suburb of Arbeen, Rural Damascus, gets pounded

And of course, there were rallies everywhere:

Daraa City: Qoussour

Homs City: Wa’er

Hama: Hama City (Janoub Al-Malaab) Kfar Zeiteh

Hassakeh: Ghuweiran