Sunday, May 27, 2012

Slaughterhouse Syria!

More condemnations and sanctions will not be enough. If we don’t draw the line at Houleh, larger massacres will follow and the fragmentation of Syria will become unstoppable, with regional and global consequences.

Saturday May 26, 2012

Death toll: 41, including 13 in Homs City (including 6 women), 11 in Damascus and suburbs, 8 soldiers in Hama executed on the spot for trying to defect, 3 in Idlib, 3 in Daraa, 2 in Aleppo and 1 in Hassakeh.

Locals in Houleh District, Homs Province, are still tallying the number of the dead from Friday May 25 massacre. Latest figures put the number of confirmed dead children at 47 with three more still reported missing. The adult toll is now put at 64, including 34 women. A mass burial was held on Saturday noon for many of those already identified.

Other hotspots on Saturday include Eizaz and Al-Atareb, towns in the province of Aleppo, where continued operations by pro-Assad militias disrupted talks aimed at securing  the release of 14 Hezbollah members captured earlier by units affiliated with the local resistance.

Meanwhile, the Kurd Mountain and Hiffeh District, a majority Sunni area in the coastal province of Lattakia, came under pounding from pro-Assad militias for the second consecutive day.

Op-Eds & Special Reports

The Houleh Massacre

The pounding of Houleh District (an amalgamation of towns, the largest being Tildo and Kafar Laha; population estimated at 100,000 mostly Sunni Muslims) by pro-Assad militias on Friday May 25, left close to 100 locals dead, including by latest counts 47 children (below the age of 10) and 64 adults. This is just the latest episodes in a series of massacres perpetrated by Assad loyalists since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, but the first such development on this scale since the beginning of the Annan Mission. The massacre came on a Friday dedicated to the anniversary of Hamzah Al-Khateeb, a little boy from Daraa Province who was captured, tortured and killed by pro-Assad security forces.

The fact that UN monitors ended up confirming the massacre should come as a further proof of the accuracy of reports and videos produced by field activists. News organizations might continue to repeat the mantra that they have no way of verifying the accuracy of the videos they show, but whenever they did gain access, they have always been able to verify that the videos and reports were indeed accurate. Perhaps they should modify their mantra to reflect this as well out of respect for the bravery of all those field activists who risk their lives to get the truth out.

As usual, rather than inspiring fear, the massacre inspired rage, and people all over the Syria took to the streets in a sign of increasing defiance. Units of the Free Syrian Army have also conducted a number of reprisal attacks against loyalist military checkpoints and convoys. Deir Ezzor City in the northeast particular witnessed intense clashes between member of loyalist militias and local resistance.

Houleh: The dead children (WARNING: video is gruesome) Some of the dead adults Close-ups , Preparing the dead for burial The Mass Burial , Some of the survivors: women and children come together under the shelling for comfort, as we can see here. That was the problem. A couple of homes were hit, and the result was a massacre. Monitors arrive to inspect the situation , They later confirm the massacre.  

Video Highlights


In Hama City, on May 24, a woman and her 4 children were slaughtered in cold blood by pro-Assad death squads

In Kafrenboudeh, Hama Province, pro-Assad militias in action


In Damascus City’s Midan District, protesters take to the streets in defiance shouting “where are your dogs, Assad?”

Earlier in the day, the suburb of Arbeen was pounded ,

Locals in Al-Qadam Neighborhood come under fire as they took part in the funeral of one of their colleagues

Some of Today’s martyrs from Damascus: Naher Eisheh Al-Qadam

Funerals in Damascus City: Kafar Sousseh , Zamalka

Similar rallies took place in communities all across the country.


In Aleppo Province, the town of Eizaz came under renewed pounding by heavy artillery ,

In Aleppo city’s Salaheddine Neighborhood, protesters clash with local security Before the clashes then, protesters come under fire


In Daraa Province, the town of Khirbet Ghazaleh comes under intense pounding ,


In Homs City, Qoussour Neighborhood comes under fire at night

In the town of Rastan, UN monitors relay the regime’s conditions to local leaders of the FSA: they want them to put all their weapons in one area. Of course, no agreement is reached. This is an aimless mission

In Qusayr, a failed attempt at reviving a wounded man Martyrs ,


In Kafar Takhareem, Idlib Province, the sounds of automatic gunfire ring through the night

In Khan Shaikhoon, Idlib Province, locals find a mass grave for people killed by pro-Assad militias

Local FSA units form a unified military council in Idlib