Monday, June 4, 2012

Abkhazia on the Mediterranean!

By announcing that he is no longer the president of all Syrians but only of those who accept his rule, Bashar Al-Assad formalized his “divorce” from the revolutionaries. Now the fight over division of “marital” assets begins at earnest. Unsurprisingly this will translate into more bloodshed; after all, this was an unfriendly divorce. “Friends” will also sort themselves out. Iran and Russia will stand by their man in hope of getting a foothold in the upcoming Abkhazia on the Mediterranean. While the “Friends of Syria,” for all their dithering, will have to deal with the remaining mess.

Sunday June 03, 2012

Today’s death toll: 33. The Breakdown: 23 in Damascus (Douma, Daraya, Artouz, Saqba, Assal Al-Ward, Qudsaya, Damascus City), 7 in Homs (including 3 in Qusayr), 3 in Hama, 3 in Aleppo, 1 Daraa (a child).

In the Damascene suburb of Douma, the known activist Adnan Wahbi, a co-founder of the National Coordination Body, was assassinated in his home by unknown assailants. Colleagues blame pro-Assad death squads. This Mr. Wahbi’s body

In the Hiffeh District, Lattakia Province, local activists report that inhabitants of a number of Sunni villages have been forced to evacuate after days of pounding and raid by local pro-Assad militias.

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Many of Houla’s inhabitants, Homs Province, have been forced to flee into neighboring communities where their living conditions are dismal: the children in this video are not dead, for now, they’re just sleeping. International dithering might yet seal their fate Meanwhile, the pounding of the town continued, even as Bashar Al-Assad delivered his speech and blamed the massacre of Houla on monsters A new report by Syrian TV clams that 800 heavily armed men came into this town besieged by the regular loyalist troops and conducted the massacre, then left. There is no explanation of why the current pounding is taking place.

In the town of Douma, Damascus Suburbs, clashes left over 10 locals dead: the pounding The martyrs , , , , (Graphic) The body of activist Adnan Wahbi

The town of Saqba, Damascus Suburbs, comes under fire , Chopper surveying the scene

Fields around the village of Al-Rami, Idlib Province, catch fire after intense pounding A number of locals were killed and immediately buried

The pounding of Ariha, Idlib Province, continues ,

The town of Mourik, Hama Province, comes under heavy pounding

In Aleppo Province, loyalist troops move into the town of Hayan the pounding sets many installations on fire

The pounding of Old Homs continues ,

The town of Ghabaghib, Daraa Province, comes under heavy pounding