Thursday, June 28, 2012

All-Out War All Across Syria!

As long as the All-Out War waged by Assad continues to meet with an all-out grappling by international leaders to the illusion of political solution, Syrians will continue to die and Syria will continue to disintegrate.

Wednesday June 27, 2012

Today’s Death toll: 104. The Breakdown: 42 in Idilb, 15 in Damascus Suburbs, 14 in Deir Ezzor, 10 in Daraa, 10 in Homs, 8 in Qamislo, 3 in Hama, 1 in Hassakah and 1 in Aleppo. The toll includes 20 children.

Major battles took place throughout Syria today, but the main story remains the indiscriminate shelling by pro-Assad militias of communities where local resistance groups have managed to wrest control of their communities. As these words are being written, Damascus City and Suburbs are witnessing major clashes with explosions heard throughout many key neighborhoods.  

Live-streaming the pounding of Douma Suburb, Damascus

The headquarters of a privately-owned, pro-government TV station were attacked and employees were kidnapped and killed. The government blames 'terrorists'. Rebel forces deny that they target the media.
Islamist group says it is launching investigation to discover who is behind 'despicable crime.' Al-Mayadeen: Kamal Ranaja served as aide to top Hamas man killed in Dubai in 2010
Hamas leader believes Mossad behind killing, says Kamel Ranaja was former deputy of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who was assassinated in Dubai over two years ago.
Expert says Turkish was not aware Syrian forces capable of intercepting enemy planes flying under radar. US officials: Damascus beefed up missile defense after Israel bombed reactor

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HOW DOCTORS OPERATE IN WARTIME In Syria and beyond, doctors risk their lives to save others. Here's what it takes to do this dangerous work.

“There has been a definite pushback from Obama’s administration,” said Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian activist and author who coordinated the delegation’s trip. Mr. Abdulhamid described the current White House administration as a “black box” of secrecy. Mr. Abdulhamid said he sent an email to the White House to request a meeting but never heard back. He blamed that on a technical glitch rather than purposeful negligence, but also noted the administration's policy of noninterference in Syria.

Video Highlights

Two of twenty children who died today: they died when the town of Hayyan, Aleppo Province, came under heavy shelling The pounding ,

Two more children fell in the town of Habeet, Idlib Province ,

More scenes from the massacre of Al-Hameh, Damascus Suburbs (June 26) Pro-Assad militias invaded the town and executed locals en masse  

Nighttime protesters in Ruknaddine Neighborhood, Damascus City, come under fire

The pounding of Houla, Homs Province, continues , The nearby town of Talbisseh is also pounded , Helicopter gunships take part The town of Rastan gets pounded as well Meanwhile, the indiscriminate pounding of old neighborhoods in Homs City continues (Jouret Al-Shayah) (Qoussour)

The pounding of the town of Da’el, Daraa, left many dead

The pounding of Sanamein, Daraa

The town of Maarabah, Daraa, gets pounded by Helicopters

The pounding of Karnaz, Hama Province

The pounding of Ma’arrat Al-Nouman, Idlib ,

The pounding of Khan Al-Sibil, Idlib A house catches fire

Local in the town of Albou Kamal along the borders with Iraq come under fire