Sunday, June 17, 2012

Intervention: complex but necessary!

Let us be realistic and clear: No political transition is possible in Syria without military intervention. Russia understands that all too well, and because the solution they want is to keep Assad in power, they are providing him with the military aid he needs to wage his war. Those in the international community who seek Assad’s ouster, if they do indeed exist, have to work with the local resistance to enable them to secure their communities and liberate as much territory as possible from Assad’s grip to enable a dialog over political transition. Any further dithering on this will pave the way for Syria’s splintering into myriad warring pieces.

Saturday June 16, 2012

Death tolls: 77. The Breakdown: 43 in a crackdown on the eastern Damascene suburbs of Saqba (where 20 were killed by execution), Douma, Arbeen, Kafar Batna and Harasta. 13 in Homs, 10 in Idlib, 2 in Daraa, 3 in Lattakia, 2 in Aleppo, 2 in Hama and 1 in Deir Ezzor. 

Regime forces pound Homs as 1,000 families remain trapped Residents under siege in Homs have no food and no medical equipment, NGO says

Op-Eds & Special Reports
Russian arms dealer sends missile defence systems to Syria Anatoly Isaykin tells New York Times the weapons could be used to shoot down planes or sink ships
In refusing to arm the FSA, Obama has identified who he perceives to be the good guys: compared to the opposition, the Assad regime is preferable.

Video Highlights


Saqba, East Damascus: martyrs , Five people were executed in this apartment, perhaps the victims of targeted killing: their killers had to climb to the top floor and bust into their apartment and they shut them on the spot. One of them at least is from the Sunni neighborhood of Sleibeh in Lattakia City There were similar killings in nearby apartments as well

Misraba, East Damascus: Girl Martyr

Kafar Batna, East Damascus, comes under heavy gunfire

Irbeen, East Damascus: members of the local resistance stand in guard as local attend a funeral A three year old martyr

Qudsaya, West Damascus: Locals are shelled as they try to rescue the wounded rescuing the wounded ,

Kafar Sousseh, Damascus City: clashes take place at dawn Still during the day, local hold a rally


A clash in Salaheddine Neighborhood, Aleppo City (June 15), between unarmed demonstrators and Assad’s security forces. While violent clashes do take place in so many communities across Syria, this particular “clash” captures more of the essence of what the real conflict in Syria is still all about: to be free of brutal security rule Protesters come under fire, blood covers the street People carry their wounded away Today, merchants in the neighborhood observed a call for general strike

The town of Ibbeen, Aleppo Province, comes under heavy pounding at night , Treating the injured men and children


Talbisseh, Homs Province: The pounding , , The martyrs Treating the wounded , , , As the pounding takes place, an old man insists on smoking his cigarette while sitting next to his home Unidentified martyrs These people died when a mortar landed in their midst as they were waiting to buy bread from the local bakery: body parts  everywhere including a severed head

The pounding of Homs City continues: Khaldiyeh Qoussour General view


Victims of the massacre of Bosra Al-Sham, Darra Province (June 15): , , The people were pounded when they were staging their daily rally , Seven, including a child, were killed. Local blame Russia

Messages to Obama (1): from the children in Zabadani, West Damascus
Messages to Obama (2): from the people of Kafrenbel, Idib Province