Thursday, June 7, 2012

Risking Genocide!

One Houla. Two Houlas. Three Houlas. Four Houlas… How many Houlas before you act? Over 15,000 dead and the U.S. is still talking sanctions and Russia just now considering changing Assad but not the regime! Something gotta give, before it’s too late, before a 100,000 Syrians are killed, before the country is no more.  

Wednesday June 06, 2012

Today’s death toll: 140. The Breakdown: 92 in Marzaf (Hama), 15 in Hiffeh (Lattakia), 11 in Idlib, 12 in Homs, 5 in Deir Ezzor, 2 in Damascus and 1 in Daraa.

New Massacres have been reported in Kafar Zeiteh and Marzaf towns in Hama Province. final tallies are still being compiled.

In Damascus, clashes between pro-Assad militias and local resistance were reported in Kafar Batna, Saqba and neighboring communities.

In Lattakia, pro-Assad militias continue their siege and pounding of the town of Hiffeh, but their attempts at taking the small town continue to be repelled by local resistance.

In Aleppo, the pounding of the town of Hayan by pro-regime militias and regulars continues.

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Video Highlights

After pro-Assad militias and regulars managed to drive out the members of the local resistance from the town of Kafar Zeiteh, following days of continuous bombardments using tanks, heavy artillery and choppers, they stormed on June 5 and perpetrated another massacre. Locals returned to find burnout homes, shops and cadavers. Over 150 are said to be missing. Burnt out bodies , Burnt out homes and shops Earlier in the day, the town was pounded one more time after the militias left Militias then set the crops on fire ,

But the pro-Assad militias were not done. They simply moved to the nearby village of Marzaf where they perpetrated a similar massacre in Qubeir Farm ,

Now pro-Assad militias are reportedly targeting the towns of Hilfaya and Taybat Al-Imam and nearby communities. Taybat Al-Imam: the pounding begins at night

All killings are now sectarian I character. The killers are Alawites. The victims Sunnis.


Operation Damascus Boiling: in order to show how widespread the disaffection with the regime local residents have become and how shaky the regime’s control over the city has become, activists in Damascus City launched an operation in which they simultaneously interrupted traffic with burning tires in over 30 locations around the city. Overview from Mount Qasayoun Baramkeh , , , Midan Jazmatiyeh Kafar Sousseh

But the main story on Damascus was all about the clashes that took place in different suburbs and neighborhoods at different times of the day: Gunfire and explosions in Jobar gunfire in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad In Qalamoun, members of the local resistance carry out a raid against the headquarters of th Division and liberate some of their colleagues

Protesters in Ruknaddine come under fire

Daraa City: the sounds of distant clashes can be heard all through the night

Nighttime protesters in Salaheddine Neighborhood, Aleppo City, come under fire

The town of Hayan, Aleppo Province, comes under heavy pounding , ,

Pro-Assad militias set crops on fire in the town of Mouhassan, Deir Ezzor Province

The pounding of the town of Rastan, Homs Province, resumes at night ,

The old neighborhoods in Homs City were also pounded: Boustan Al-Diwan Khaldiyeh Hamdiyeh Buildings fall apart Qoussour , , Wadi Al-Sayih

This leaked video shows pro-Assad militias humiliating a teenager