Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kill Us Maybe!

The killing spree by pro-Assad militias escalates as their sense of insecurity increases. Meanwhile, the global debate on intervention continues. But rockets speak louder than words, and actions count more than intentions.  

Wednesday September 26, 2012

Today’s Death toll: 343. The Breakdown: 162 in Damascus and Suburbs (including 107 martyrs in the massacre in Dhiabieh, 19 in Barzeh, 8 in Hajar Aswad, 6 in Douma, and 4 in Assali), 48 in Deir Ezzor (most field-executed in Jourah), 37 in Hama (most in Masha Al-Arba’een), 34 in Homs (including 18 in the massacre in Bayada), 29 in Aleppo, 27 in Daraa (including 15 in Ibta’a) and 6 in Idlib (LCC).

Highlights (LCC):

Damascus Suburbs: Al- Dhiabieh Reports of 107 martyrs found, most of which women and children who were field executed, including 9 from Al-Rifaie whose throats were slit with knives. 4 bodies were found in front of the Al-Ashra Mosque, 3 bodies in Al-Mashrou Al-Jadid, 5 bodies in Souk Al-Sabet. The number of martyrs will likely increase, but due to continued shelling, activists were unable to recover all bodies.

Damascus City: Barzeh: 15 martyrs were named in a massacre committed by shabbiha in the neighborhood, most victims were children and women. Assali 14 bodies of martyrs, who were field-executed, were found near Al-Mustaqbal Swimming Pool.

Daraa: Ibtaa Regime forces launched a barbaric military campaign in the town where they detained and slaughtered dozens of residents. Fifteen bodies were just recovered from the rubble after regime forces shelled civilian homes with heavy artillery stationed in the surrounding areas. In addition, regime forces used warplanes and gunship helicopters to comb areas surrounding Abtaa, Da’el, and Sheikh Miskeen. Intermittent gunfire was also reported by helicopter machine guns across the area which has led to a massive exodus, and the complete destructions of dozens of homes, including underground make-shift shelters.

Deir Ezzor City: Dozens were martyred due to regime shelling using rockets and missiles in Jabalieh, Aarafi, and Hamadieh neighborhoods.

Hama: Hama City Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces were reported in Aleppo Road neighborhood and sounds of intense gunfire are heard in the vicinity of the neighborhood. Shahshabo Mountain Warplane shelling at Rasha and Moneir villages was reported and 6 explosive barrels landed, which causes a case of panic and fear among residents.

Lattakia: Turkman Mountain Fierce clashes were reported in Soulas village between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces.


Special Reports

Meanwhile, exiled activist Ammar Abdulhamid interpreted the attack in a very different way: “Assad’s grip over Damascus has become tenuous at best. Rebels are able to conduct bombings and attacks even in the most secured areas aided by informants embedded within Assad’s own security establishment. The battle of Damascus is set to begin at earnest soon, in what promises to be a very bloody development.”

Ammar Abdulhamid & Khawla Yusuf: The Shredded Tapestry: The State of Syria Today

Video Highlights

Lebanon’s Manar TV broadcasted the following report of a gun battle that reportedly took place in the security headquarters in Omayad Square, Damascus City, that was the target of an attack by local rebels groups earlier in September 26. While rebels report that dozens of pro-Assad militias were killed during the attack. The report here claims that the attack allowed for three “terrorists” to infiltrate the building and were later surrounded by the regular army and killed. The battles we see were obviously staged. This Manar version, which jives with the official version, fails to explain how three terrorists managed to occupy the security headquarters on their own, emptying it out in the process and necessitating an attack by hundreds of soldiers to retake it The view from afar by activist cameras , ,

Regime propagandists continue to be quite creative. A few days ago, and after rebels in Eastern Ghoutah managed to bring down a helicopter gunship, official media claimed that the pilot flew too high to avoid being shit and ended up colliding with a civilian airplane. No worries though, the plane and its passengers were unharmed.

In Dhiabieh, Damascus City, some of the 107 victims of summary executions by pro-Assad militias , , ,

In nearby Barzeh, local bury their dead of the day vowing never to kneel but before God

MIGs take part in pounding of Alboukamal near the borders of Iraq , , ,

Locals in Ibtaa, Daraa Province, try to identify the bodies of the martyrs

The pounding of the town of Rastan, Homs Province, continues ,