Friday, September 7, 2012

Mouthful of Nothing!

Addressing the tragic developments in Syria, President Obama said in his Democratic Convention Speech: “………………” Thank you Mr. President.

Thursday September 6, 2012

Today’s Death toll: 159. The Breakdown: 88 martyrs in Damascus and Suburbs (including 23 found in Zamalka, 15 in Deir Al-Asafeer and 8 in Yarmouk Camp), 20 in Aleppo, 12 in Deir Ezzor, 19 in Daraa, 11 in Hama, 5 in Idlib, 3 in Homs, and 1 from Lattakia. (LCC)

Syrian Attaché in Serbia, Bashar Al-Haj Ali, defects and joins the revolution. 60 Syrian Kurds drown as a ship that was illegally transporting them to Europe sink in Turkish waters.


Op-Eds & Special Reports
Country has several tons of chemical weapons and materials, including sarin gas, U.S. and Middle Eastern intelligence officials tell the Washington Post.
A riot recently erupted in the Zaatari refugee camp, where Syrians were angry over spartan conditions. More continue to flee the conflict at home.
This sprawling city of 2.5 million mirrors what is happening across the country. Vastly outgunned, rebel fighters have dispersed into urban areas which are then pounded indiscriminately by artillery and warplanes until the guerrillas are flushed out. Meanwhile, the civilian death toll rises.
In Azaz, Syria, a town held by rebels, few residents are left and a deadly airstrike last month still inspires fear, underscoring the high cost of victory.
Rebels drove the Syrian army out of the countryside north of Aleppo long ago and claim to control more than two-thirds of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, where they have battled to a standstill the regime forces trying for more than a month to uproot them. But the military is turning increasingly to its largely unchallenged air power, using its aircraft to strike in Aleppo and throughout the small towns that dot the rebel-held areas to the north.
When the trailer for Ruba Nadda’s political thriller Inescapable hit the Web last month, the Web hit back. Commenters unleashed a stream of vitriolic feedback that even included death threats against the Montreal-born writer-director.
Abboud Barri's callousness is more pronounced than most, but his story reflects the universal struggle to preserve humanity in the face of war.
The State Department asked Czech diplomats, who are the “protecting power” for the United States after officials closed its embassy in February amid growing violence, to verify a report that the Syrian regime has captured Austin Tice, 31, of Houston, Texas.
For the Syrian opposition to defeat the Syrian army, it will need more sophisticated weapons. Non-lethal communications equipment will not do it. Barring these two options we will watch the carnage and will probably confront an even more complicated situation next year. Also, the US should not be surprised if a public outburst against US inaction develops in Turkey. What Turks see right now is that it is being left alone against Syria, Iran, the PKK and Russia's policy on Syria. Worse, there are some who smell ill intent in all of this.

Video Highlights

Helicopter gunships target restive villages in Al-Haffeh Region in Lattakia Province 

In Damascus and Suburbs, the policy of summary execution continue: Mleihah Mass graves discovered in Moadamia near a local security headquarters , the bodies were found as people were digging up a grave for a few unidentified corpses that were summarily executed by pro-Assad militias ,

Pro-Assad militias take over the town of Tal Shihab on the border with Jordan to stop the flow of refugees ,

In Aleppo City, the pounding of restive neighborhoods continues: Al-Itha’ah Zaydiyyeh