Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shoot ‘Em Up!

Summary executions keep taking place on a daily basis claiming dozens of victims throughout Syria. Yet, the most macabre thing in this regard is world silence.

Friday September 7, 2012

Today’s Death toll: 140. The Breakdown: the toll includes 5 women and 15 children. 44 reported in Damascus and suburbs, 30 in Aleppo, 22 in Deir Ezzor, 19 in Homs, 10 in Idlib, 6 in Lattakia, 5 in Daraa, 2 from Banyas and 2 in Hama. (LCC)

308 demonstrations were reported across the country. (LCC)


Op-Eds & Special Reports
From a purely Palestinian perspective, it could be argued that Palestinians have always had even more reason to rise up against the Assad regime than their Syrian counterparts. The regime oppressed them in the name of Arab unity and defense of their cause. Between the ardently apolitical UNRWA and overwhelmingly authoritarian regime, camps could offer no political refuge for Palestinians. This led to a complete standstill in meaningful political activism inside a community that has a long tradition of organizing and one that faces existential dilemmas daily.
* Minorities form vigilante groups in Damascus
* Residents say groups are backed by security forces
* City's sectarian frontiers fuel fears of civil war
* Refugee exodus has already exceeded U.N. estimates
* Escape routes from Syria fraught with difficulty/danger
* Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon host over 246,000
When they mop out the building's tiny reception area, the blood runs in small, dirty streams into the gutters. This is a hospital trying to get by day-to-day while lacking the most basic in supplies. It has itself been hit by shelling: two separate attacks have left its right side punctured with gaping holes in what was once the maternity ward.
One of the first journalists to enter the Damascus suburb after the slaughter finds a desperate search for lost relatives
As the rebels’ battle to wrest power from the regime grinds on and militias on both sides proliferate, they must decide whether to stick with a common aim or allow the situation to evolve into a struggle among its multiplying parts. These choices, in no small part, will determine the fate of the Syrian revolution. It is a cause for which over 20,000 have died and many more yet will perish; in which leaders will fall and others will be made.
The Syrian National Council has failed to galvanize international support for the rebellion -- and it has only itself to blame.
A bombing in Aleppo that killed a woman, two of her children and their young cousin triggers outrage among Kurds at a village funeral and throughout the region.
With its calls for an international haven for refugees in Syria going nowhere, Turkey is rushing to shelter an influx of about 80,000 Syrians. In the east, Kurdish militants who Turkey alleges are aided by Syria are intensifying deadly attacks. And in this Alawite-heavy border region, a rest and resupply hub for the mainly Sunni Syrian rebels, worries are growing that Syria’s sectarian strife might infect Turkey.

Life and death in Aleppo (PHOTOS) On this morning, the men were relaxed and joking around as they cleaned their area from a tank attack the day before. That time, they had been prepared and the tank had fired too short. This time, the assault came with little warning. Surviving Aleppo (VIDEO) Against all odds, a toddler survives a bomb attack that killed his entire family in Aleppo, Syria. Many more have not been so lucky.

Video Highlights

The sounds of bombardments of restive suburbs and neighborhoods can be heard at dawn all the way from central Damascus In the nearby suburb of Qatana, the bombardment leaves many building on fire , In Harasta, a massacre was perpetrated involving summary executions of activists Washing the dead in Deir Assafir

This is what pro-Assad militias are doing in Aleppo City: victims of summary executions in Al-Akramiyah Neighborhood Obviously, the victims were lined against the wall and shot. The massacre reportedly took place on September 5, but was discovered only now after rebels retook the neighborhood. Meanwhile, other neighborhoods are still being pounded by MIGs: Al-Sha’ar Snipers are also active: Salaheddine

But for all the pounding and the killing, hundreds of rallies took place all over the country. This is a sample: