Monday, November 26, 2012

Age of the Warlords!

As rebels continue to outpace politicians in Syria, the two sides will soon have little to talk about when it comes to governing the liberated territories. By the time politicians have formed a transitional government it will have become irrelevant. The liberated territories belong to the rebels and they are unlikely to cede control to a bunch of squabbling politicians with no vision or leadership potential.

Sunday November 25, 2012

Today’s Death Toll: 117, including 2 women and 14 children: 55 in Damascus and suburbs (including 12 bodies from Daraya found in Mowasa Hospital and 10 martyrs as a result of aerial shelling in Dar Al-Asafeer), 16 in Aleppo, 17 in Daraa, 7 in Homs, 6 in Deir Ezzor, 8 in Hama, 5 in Idlib, and 3 in Quneitra. Points of Random Shelling: 251: 79 by mortar, 129 by artillery, 43 by missiles, 14 by air bombardments, including 2 instances of use of cluster bombs. Clashes: 136. Rebels also liberated Al-Rihanieh Military Camp and the Tishreen Dam (main supplier of electricity to Aleppo). In Damascus, Rebels repelled loyalist attempts to enter the suburb of Daraya and the towns of Eastern Ghoutah (LCC).


Special Reports
The teachers have removed Assad's portraits from classrooms so as not to be seen as regime collaborators, but have left up the ones in headmaster Adnan's office, where they sit on couches at break time and chat. They allow journalists in on their discussions on the anti-regime revolt but ask to be identified only by first name and refuse to have their pictures taken.
At least 700 Palestinians across the country have been killed since the uprising began, according to opposition groups. As the violence ramps up, the Palestinian community is being forced to choose sides, adding another unpredictable element to a murky conflict. “Some Palestinians have been part of the revolution from the beginning, and some groups have sided with the regime,” said Nadim Houry, the deputy Middle East director for Human Rights Watch. “But sometimes even when they’re not part of it, the fight comes to them.”
Syrian rebels are taking a few things into their own hands. They have captured several major oilfields, two in the country’s southeastern province of Deir al-Zour recently, and are extracting oil that is helping to support the people.
The regime of Bashar al-Assad appears to be favoring long-range weapons out of fear that soldiers close to the front lines will defect.
It’s one of the most disturbing horrors of the conflict in Syria: the use of sexual assault as a weapon: Ambassadors Melanne Verveer and Peter Westmacott on how to put an end to the epidemic.

Video Highlights

Aerial bombardment on the town of Deir Al-Assafeir, Damascus, kills a number of women and children , ,

Rebels in Marj Al-Sultan Airbase, Damascus, moving the supplies hey gained from their recent raid , A recap of the liberation process  , Taking over a helicopter , Taking over tanks A destroyed helicopter Rebels managed to as well to secure the release of the few prisoners detained at the Airbase

Rebels in Damascus manage to take control of a Shilka unit as well (Shilka is a “lightly armored, self-propelled, radar guided anti-aircraft weapon system.”) It’s confiscated Shilkas that has so far been used by rebels to bring down helicopters.

Rebels in Aleppo showcase their gains from their recent successful takeover of the headquarters of the 46th Regiment , ,

Rebels and loyalists clash in Deir Ezzor City , Much of the city has been turned into rubble ,