Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free the Air!

Liberating the land but not the air does not a victory make. Unless rebels are able to neutralize Assad’s airpower the mere possibility of organizing local governments is rendered meaningless, and all hopes for transitioning beyond the current mayhem are dashed. This is not something that the rebels can accomplish without external support. The international community needs to move beyond symbolic gestures in its dealings with the Syrian opposition. The Russians, by their own admission, are definitely providing much more than symbolic support to Assad. The rebels deserve no less from their international sympathizers.

Saturday November 17, 2012

Today’s Death Toll:  136, including 3 women and 6 children: 63 in Damascus and suburbs (including 7 in Harasta), 30 in Aleppo, 21 in Deir Ezzor, 11 in Idlib, 4 in Homs, 2 in Daraa, and 2 in Hama Points of Random Shelling:  153: 91 by artillery, 44 by mortar, and 20 by missiles. Regime warplanes conducted aerial raids in 13 regions and released barrel bombs in Mayadeen (Deir Ezzor) and Daret Azzah (Aleppo). They also used vacuum bombs in 5 areas, and poison gas bombs in Harasta in Damascus Suburbs. Clashes:  82. Developments: Rebels attacked a convoy of tanks on its way to Eastern Bowaida in Damacus Suburbs. They also attacked the checkpoint in Hirak, Daraa, and in the Shaghour and Sina’a checkpoints in Damascus. In Aleppo, rebels stormed the agricultural school that had been transformed into a barracks by regime forces; they also stormed the 46th regiment that had been bombing areas in Aleppo countryside (LCC).

Obama urged to consider no-fly zone in Syria Key U.S. Senators, including an influential Democrat are calling on President Barack Obama to consider establishing a no-fly zone in Syria.

Special Reports
Given Syria’s trade ties with Iraq, a post-Assad regime would be more likely to take on a role as mediator, advisor in Iraqi politics.
Syrian doctors routinely treat the war injured, knowing that if they are caught doing this they may be tortured to death by the Assad regime’s security services.

Mapping Syria's armed opposition: A sketch of rebel units, leaders and organizations.

Video Highlights

Summary executions in Bahdaliyeh, Damascus Suburbs A child among the dead in Jisreen Aerial bombardments claim more victims in Harasta More aerial bombardment of Eastern Ghoutah Region: Jisreen Hamouriyeh

Transporting the victims of the pounding in Haydariyeh, Aleppo City , , ,

Clashes in Hirak, Deraa Province ,