Sunday, November 4, 2012


Developments in opposition circles and those on the ground might as well be taking place in separate but parallel universes. The Syrian identity crisis is playing itself out in a variety of ways on a variety of stages, and everybody’s watching and dabbling. Welcome to the age of interactivity where the word “audience” has lost all meaning. We all have our parts to play, making us all responsible.

Saturday November 03, 2012

Today’s Death Toll: 162. The Breakdown: Toll include 10 women and 22 children: 52 in Damascus and suburbs (most of them in Zamalka), 47 in Idlib (most in shelling of Kafar Takharem), 15 in Aleppo, 13 in Daraa, 12 in Homs, 11 in Deir Ezzor, 9 in Qunaitera (all rebels), 2 in Hama and 1 in Raqqah. Other Developments: The LCC also managed to document 197 points of random shelling by regime forces: 17 by jets, 76 by artillery, 77 by mortars, 44 by missiles, and 4 by explosive barrels. Also, rebels clashed with regime forces in 58 points, laid siege to Taftanaz Airport and liberated several checkpoints in Damascus Suburbs and in Idlib Province (LCC).


Special Reports
A video showing the shooting of regime troops after they had been taken prisoner angered rebels who say foreign Islamists are being favoured with arms and funds
The United Legal Council of Aleppo, formed by lawyers and judges, hears about 15 cases daily, and has buy-in from some rebels. But it faces a tough challenge from those who want to impose their own justice in the war-torn city.
CNN's Arwa Damon profiles a 11-year-old Syrian boy who lost his leg, but dreams of being able to walk again.

Ammar Abdulhamid & Khawla Yusuf: The Shredded Tapestry: The State of Syria Today

Briefly Noted

This is not Lubna Meryi is a pro-Revolution Alawite activist. As a result of her activism, her family was ostracized by friends and neighbors and harassed by security apparatuses. Eventually, and in order to prove his loyalty to the regime, her father killed her mother who defended Lubna’s stands. For Alawites, as the case of Lubna Meryi amoly demonstrates, breaking with Assad is going to pit members of the same family against each other, not in a civil lawsuit, but perhaps in open warfare.

One of the most egregious caveats put by the Muslim Brotherhood on the new initiative to unify the Syrian opposition is the call for greater representation of “observant women” in the makeup of the new council. To have this demand be made as a precondition by a movement that has failed to elect or appoint a single woman to its executive council or to any of its major affiliated committees or subcommittees, a movement that has failed to nominate a single “observant” woman to the SNC is the nothing less than the epitome of hypocrisy.

Video Highlights

A little girl whose head was blown up by a sniper bullet (gruesome) in Jabal Al-Zawiyeh, Idlib Province: the narrator of the video says that the killers will be killed when caught

MiGs and Sukhoys continue their bombardment of the suburb of Eastern Ghoutah Region in Damascus: Kafar Batna , , , , Children among the martyrs , Hazzeh pulling bodies from under the rubble

The pounding of the town of Rastan, Home Province, continues ,

Scenes from the operations conducted by rebels in Homs City part of the National Liberation Movement:  , , ,

In Aleppo City, Col. Abduljabbar Al-Oqaidi takes us on a tour of the improvised weapons making operations in the city, while delivering a message to the Muslims of the world, especially those in Gulf states that their support is needed to stop the expansion of Iranian influence in the region

Meanwhile in Deir Ezzor Province, clashes between rebels and pro-Assad militias continue. Here we the rebels using the tanks they took over in previous operations to pound loyalist positions