Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Noose!

The battles around Damascus and its encirclement continue. The noose is tightening. The Revolution continues to give way to civil war. The transformation of Syria is still in its early phases. The fate of the regime is sealed, the fate of the country is still in flux.

Sunday December 2, 2012

Today’s Death Toll: 202: 82 in Damascus and suburbs, 42 in Aleppo, 29 in Homs (most in Houla and Homs City in the explosion in Al-Malaab Neighborhood), 13 in Deir Ezzor, 13 in Hama, 10 in Idlib, 8 in Raqqa, 1 in Qunaitra and 1 in Daraa. Points of Random Shelling:  228. Clashes: 146. In Damascus, rebels downed 2 MiGs in Jarba and Mazzeh. They also attacked and destroyed a convoy traveling along the Damascus-Homs Highway (LCC).


Special Reports
The Beloved of Allah began with ten men, five rifles, one rickety machine gun and a few rocket-propelled grenades soon discovered to be duds… During the past year, scores of rebel brigades across Syria like The Beloved of Allah have evolved from hapless bands of lightly armed men into formidable fighting groups, shifting the balance against Assad's military. As the rebels racked up successes, their leadership in exile reorganized under pressure from the West and was recently recognized as Syria's sole legitimate representative by France, Britain and several Arab states. U.S. officials say the Obama administration is moving to do the same. However, this new leadership body has little traction with the rebels inside Syria, many of whom have evolved during 20 months of conflict from civilian protesters into hardline, Islamist fighters.
Traditionally robust enrollment of Druze students in Syrian universities shrinks considerably as only 58 applied to war-torn country's schools in 2012
One of the men behind a series of jihadist attacks inside Syria tells Ruth Sherlock about their battle to overthrow President Assad.
Paris is spotlighting Syria’s 40-year cinematic journey this week with an exposition focusing on homegrown cinema and the plight of filmmakers working around strict regime censorship, with images filmed right up to the present day.
Turkish officials say they have evidence Assad regime could resort to ballistic missiles if air campaign against rebels fails

Rebels in the Eastern Ghoutah Region, Damascus Province, showcase their gains in the aftermath of a raid on a loyalist checkpoint, they also show their prisoners. All foot soldiers are Sunnis from different tribal areas, obviously poorly educated. Most officers are Alawites, also poorly educated. Elsewhere, rebels burn the Hasheesh crops they confiscated from farms run by loyalist militias Officers in the regular army and security apparatuses have always been tied to drug trafficking in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. Rebels near Aqrabah bring down a MiG The towns of Babbila and Beit Sahem were heavily pounded , , In Douma, the pounding left many dead The shelling intensifies as we get closer to Damascus along the Airport Highway In Yelda, many children are among the dead and wounded: this little shell-shocked boy, dazed, with blood coming from his eyes and his face covered with dirt captures the moment Another injured child Another: it’s not clear if this one made it

In Ferkaya, Idlib, shelling leaves many civilians dead and wounded, including children

Rebels in Aleppo take control of the Free Zone. Here they celebrate their victory by chanting “Our Eternal Leader is our Master Muhammad [the Prophet]”

A female defector, Lieutenant Amira Ar’our, become the first woman leader of a rebel brigade